Thu, 12-22-2011 12:45 WIB
President Yudhoyono welcomes closer partnership with Vanuatu
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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received Prime Minister Sato Kilman on the afternoon of 21st December 2011 at the Merdeka Presidential Palace. Accompanied by his Foreign and Trade Minister, Prime Minister Kilman was pleased to make his second visit to Indonesia, his first was in 2005 as Foreign Minister during the Asia Pacific MDGs Ministerial meeting.

Both leaders welcomed the good relations of between both countries since  opening bilateral relations in 1995 and committed to taking it to higher levels, especially for the benefit and good of both people's.  The Prime Minister deeply appreciated Indonesia's support to Vanuatu at the United Nations and commended Indonesia's progress and continued democratization process.

President Yudhoyono highlighted the close relations of Indonesia and the Pacific with its 12 million Melanesian people and committed to playing a more active role, including through Pacific Island Forum. Hence appreciated the support of Vanuatu in the MSG forum.  Both leaders welcomed the signing of the development cooperation agreement / DCA.  Both leaders Commited to continue cooperation and focussed on concrete action in various fields, and business investments.  The Prime Minister expressed interest to enhance bilateral relations including the establishment of a mission in Jakarta.  Leaders instructed the  Foreign Ministers to follow up of these cooperations.

According to Foreign Minister Natalegawa both leaders only touched only lightly on the issue of Papua and Commited to greater dialogue and information sharing. As the President stated, Indonesia as a democracy is committed to addressing issue in a good manner and to promote the improvement of welfare and is open to sharing of information.  The Ministers mentions that this visit marks as the growing role of Indonesia in the region, which a few months earlier, the Prime Minister of Fiji  had also visited Indonesia. (AOS)