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Setkab Optimizes the Services of the Ranks and Retirement of Civil Servant IV/c Above
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Secretary Cabinet (Seskab) Dipo Alam delivered Cabinet Secretariat (Setkab) Action Plan of Program Implementation/Strategic Activity Budget Year 2013 and Action of Prevention and Eradication of Corruption (PPK) 2013 according to the mandate of Presidential Instruction No. 1 of 2013.

In a Work Meeting with Commission II of House of Representative in Jakarta, Monday (25/2) night, that led by the Chairman of Commission II Agun Gunanjar who accompanied by Vice Chairman Hakam Naja and Taufik Effendi, Secretary Cabinet Dipo Alam explained the action that includes optimization of civil servant echelon IV/c above rank and pension service process; implementation of the education communication strategy and anti corruption culture (Strakom PBAK); and the development of integrity zone free towards Free Corruption Area (WBK) and Clean Bureaucracy and Service Area (WBBM).

Mentioned by Cabinet Secretary, in implementing the action plan his side is not alone in doing it but also cooperate again with a number of institution, started from State Staffing Agency (BKN), Ministry of PAN-RB, Ministry/other Institutions, and local governments.

 “In the future we expect the availability of civil servant echelon IV/c above ranks and pension information/data through the Employee Information System (SIMPEG) that is uploaded to the website of Cabinet Secretariat,” Dipo said.

Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam hoped the completion of the Presidential Decree (Keppres) about ranks and pension of civil servant echelon IV/c above on time in accordance with the  Service Standard (SP) and Operational Procedures Standard (SOP) of Cabinet Secretary.
Concerning the implementation of the education communication strategy and anti corruption culture strategy (Strakom PBAK), Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam, hoped the success in compiled Secretariat Cabinet strakom PBAK document  can be used as a means of communication to support prevention and eradiction of corruption thoroughly.

Concerning the development of Integrity Zone Towards Free From Corruption Area (WBBM), Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam hoped to be soon conducted the groundbreaking of Integration Zones, the more number of work units in Cabinet Secretary which has got the predicate of WBK/WBBM.

The Work Meeting of Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam with Commission II House of Representatives aside attended by 24 members of Commission II members, also attended by Vice Secretary Cabinet Ibnu Purna, the echelon I officials and echelon II officials. (ES) (TCU)