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The government fully supports the Indonesian Diaspora
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The government of Indonesia gives fully supports to Indonesian Diaspora. The government also ready to be a partner for the holding of Indonesian Diaspora programs.

“The government will support Indonesian Diaspora ideas in order to accelerate national development,” Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Wardana said it in the opening of National Indonesian Diaspora Workshop at Nusantara Building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Thursday (2/28)

Wardana exemplified, one of the supporting forms that given by Ministry of Foreign Affairs was by creating Indonesian Diaspora Desk which was headed by the Experts Staff of Economic, Social, and Culture Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador M. Wahid Supriyadi.

“This desk is aimed to bridge the Diaspora interest with government and interest holders in our country,” he clarified.

Wardana continued, the Desk will facilitate Diaspora with Ministry or Institution related to programs implementation.

Since the first Indonesian Diaspora Congress held in Los Angeles-USA last year, Wardana continued, there are a lot of ministries or government institution started to run the recommended programs in the referred congress. “This thing shows the government seriousness to Indonesian Diaspora,” Wardana affirmed.

According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the government needs continuous support from Indonesian Diaspora therefore the recommended programs could run effectively.

The demureness of government supports were also delivered by the representative of Commission I House of Representatives Muhammad Najib who attended the workshop. He said, House of Representatives see the Indonesian Diaspora as national big asset. He and remaining members of House of Representatives are ready to give supports.

Whereas the Republic of Indonesia (RI) ambassador for USA Dino Patti Djalal expected that the Indonesian Diaspora Congress II which is going to be hold in Jakarta, on 18-20 August 2013, will no be the usual seminar. But, it has to be the historical meeting. “The meeting that oriented in networking strengthening, programs and concrete steps,” he urged.

To achieve that goal, Dino said that it is necessary for congress to launch targets that can be realized. It does not have to be big, but the programs could give direct impact to national development.
According to Dino, some idea emerged from several meeting between Indonesian Diaspora, including task force formation. But he reminded that those ideas should measured based on criteria, they should have committed executor, they should have partner in homeland and those ideas should be implemented.

Dino sees this workshop should be able to mature the Indonesian Diaspora Congress II. “The committee with task fulfillment based on each portion becomes important,” he affirmed.

Indonesian Diaspora Congress II which carry the theme “Returning Home” is expected to be attended by 2000-4000 Diaspora from all over the world.

Dino admitted, this target is not easy, considering 80-90% Indonesian Diaspora consists of the middle class. “Most of them work in the office; therefore they will need permit from their office to come to Indonesia.”

For that reason, from this day his party will hold whether campaign or advertisement in order to make the Congress planning more reverberant.

The RI representatives also suggested to communicate the Congress holding, including if it is needed they will do contact with companies or offices, the work places of Indonesian Diaspora, in the future.

“The representatives of USA commit to hold the arrival of minimum 200 persons of Indonesian Diaspora. If each representative could commit at least 100 persons, I am optimistic the target of attending level will be fulfilled,” Dino uttered. (Dit. Infomed Kemlu/ES)(SL)