124 Regencies/Cities Report Zero COVID-19 Case: COVID -19 Task Force Chief

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation
Date 21 Mei 2020
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Chairperson of the COVID-19 National Task Force Doni Monardo delivers statement in a press conference after the Limited Cabinet Meeting, Wednesday (20/5). Photo by: Agung/PR

As of today, as many as 124 regencies/cities report zero case of COVID-19, Chairperson of the COVID-19 National Task Force Doni Monardo has announced.

“Nevertheless, the Task Force in the next few days will monitor (the updated situation) through reports from regional and local Task Force regarding the case of the COVID-19,” Doni said in a press conference on Wednesday (20/5).

Those 124 regencies/cities are located in the following provinces:

  1. Aceh (14 regencies/cities)
  2. Banten (1 regency/city)
  3. Bengkulu (1 regency/city)
  4. Gorontalo (1 regency/city)
  5. Jambi (1 regency/city)
  6. West Java (1 regency/city)
  7. Central Java (1 regency/city)
  8. West Kalimantan (2 regencies/cities)
  9. Central Kalimantan (1 regency/city)
  10. East Kalimantan (1 regency/city)
  11. Bangka Belitung Islands (1 regency/city)
  12. Riau Islands (4 regencies/cities)
  13. Lampung (5 regencies/cities)
  14. Maluku (6 regencies/cities)
  15. North Maluku (5 regencies/cities)
  16. East Nusa Tenggara (15 regencies/cities)
  17. Papua (18 regencies/cities)
  18. West Papua 6 regencies/cities)
  19. Riau (2 regencies/cities)
  20. West Sulawesi (1 regency/city)
  21. South Sulawesi (1 regency/city)
  22. Central Sulawesi (3 regencies/cities)
  23. Southeast Sulawesi (5 regencies/cities)
  24. North Sulawesi (5 regencies/cities)
  25. West Sumatra (2 regencies/cities)
  26. South Sumatra (5 regencies/cities)
  27. North Sumatra (16 regencies/cities)

“These regencies/cities are located in the archipelago, meaning that geographically they may exercise tighter control and supervision,” Doni said, adding that the Government is pondering a plan for ensuring productivity and safety of the people under “the new normal”.

“The Task Force has reported to the President a number of data that we have obtained over the past two months, including the latest explanation from WHO Executive Director that ‘coronavirus may never go away’” he said.

Doni pointed out that Law Number 6 of 2018 on Quarantine and Presidential Decree Number 12 of 2020 provides guideline for the measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic

“We must obey the law. If the PSBB (large-scale social restrictions) is revoked, it does not mean that we the health emergency status ends,” he said, adding that the test capacity to trace the COVID-19 cases is pivotal in handling the virus outbreak.

“The efforts and hard work of the Health Research and Development Agency (Balitbangkes) of Ministry of Health and all laboratories in Indonesia have resulted in 12,276 test (per day) – the highest record so far, “he added.

Doni further said the number of laboratories that have conducted the test and those in the process for conducting the test are 24 laboratories under Ministry of Health, 42 laboratories under regional governments, 8 laboratories under Ministry of Agriculture, 13 laboratories under Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, 8 laboratories under the Association of Indonesian Private Hospitals, 20 laboratories under Ministry of Education and Culture, 2 laboratories under Ministry of Research and Technology, 5 laboratories under the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM), 2 laboratories under the Indonesian National Police (Polri), and 4 laboratories under the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI).

“We will put in our best effort to improve the capacity of the laboratories to ensure our readiness in taking measures towards a productive and safe society,” Doni said. (MAY/EN)



Translated by: Ridwan Ibadurrohman
Reviewed by: Muhammad Ersan Pamungkas

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