222 Projects to be National Strategic Program

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Date 16 April 2018
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Coordinating Minister for the Economy delivers his statement after attending a Limited Meeting at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Monday (16/4). (Photo: PR/Jay)

Coordinating Minister for the Economy delivers his statement after attending a Limited Meeting at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Monday (16/4). (Photo: PR/Jay)

Following the results of an evaluation that involves related ministries/government institutions, the Government has decided to continue the construction of 222 National Strategic Projects which expected to begin at the third quarter of 2019.

On the other hand, the Government eliminates 14 construction projects from the National Strategic Project.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution explained that the 222 National Strategic Projects consist of: 69 road projects, 51 dams, 29 special economic zones / industrial / tourism areas, 11 energy projects, 10 ports, 8 water and sanitation projects, 6 airports, 6 irrigation projects, 6 smelter projects, 4 technology projects, 3 housing projects, 1 agriculture and marine project, 1 sea dike project, 1 education project, 1 aircraft program, and 1 agrarian and forestry program.

“The estimated investment value is more than Rp4,100 trillion (USD 300 billion),” Darmin told reporters after attending a Limited Meeting at Presidential Office, Jakarta, Monday (4/16).

According to Darmin, National Strategic Projects that have been eliminated include the construction of Jambi-Palembang railway, the construction of East Kalimantan railway, regional water supply system of Mebidang (Medan-Binjai-Deli Serdang) in North Sumatra, Pelosika dam in Southeast Sulawesi, and Merauke Special Economic Zone.

“Total value of these projects is Rp264 trillion (USD 19 billion),” said Darmin.


Regarding project criteria in National Strategic Program, Darmin explained that if a project will not be able to have physical development or construction until the third quarter of 2019, it will be dropped.

“Once it is dropped, it does not mean it will be completely eliminated. If the project is better prepared, it is possible to be resumed,” Darmin said.

According to Darmin, based on evaluation results, all existing National Strategic Projects that will be completed 100% until the third quarter of 2019 are 48 projects.

As for those which still be built, just started to operate, or not 100% finished but already operate are 94 projects and 1 electrical program. In addition to that, 86 projects plus 1 aircraft program are going to start their construction and to operate by 2019.

Darmin added that of the 222 projects  included in the 2018 National Strategic Program, there is a new project namely International Islamic University of Indonesia proposed by Ministry of Religious Affairs and a new program on economic equity that includes land certification, social forestry, agrarian reform, and rejuvenation of smallholder plantations.

“So there are one new project and one additional program,” said Darmin. (MRA / FID / ES) (STU/MMB/Naster)

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