3 Private Hospitals Offer Facilities to Treat Covid-19 Patients

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 19 Maret 2020
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Spokesperson for Covid-19 Handling Achmad Yurianto. (Photo: Setkab)

Director General of Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health Ahmad Yurianto confirmed commitment of private hospitals in providing their infrastructures and facilities to provide health care and Coronavirus (Covid-19) test services to the public.

Based on a meeting between Ministry of Health and the Indonesian Hospital Association (Persi), three private hospitals, – Siloam Kelapa Dua Hospital, Mitra Keluarga Jatiasih Hospital, and Hermina Karawang Hospital,- have affirmed their commitment to deploying around 300 beds to treat Covid-19 patients.

“The hospitals will only threat Covid-19 patients, while other patients will be moved to other hospitals,” Yuri said.

Regarding Covid-19 testing, laboratories of Siloam, Kalbe, and Bunda Group now can be used for the test. Thus, early detection is expected can be well-executed.

In addition, the Indonesian Private Hospital Association and the Persi also have strong commitment to provide their infrastructures and facilities to conduct Covid-19 test and treat the patients.

“By preparing facilities including laboratories for the test, we are no longer depend on referral hospitals since private hospitals can do so,” Yurianto said.

Also on that occasion, the spokesperson also confirmed that 71 medical staff of Mitra Keluarga Depok Hospital who came in contact with Case 01 and Case 02 have tested negative for the virus.

“They are now working and doing their jobs as usual,” he said adding that the case showed that private hospitals at the very beginning have commitment in treating coronavirus patients. (UN/EN)



Translated by: Rany Anjany S
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana B

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