40 Pass Psychological Tests of KPK Leaders Selection

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 5 Agustus 2019
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Head of the KPK Selection Committee Yenti Garnasih (center) announces candidates who pass the psychological tests for new KPK leaders, at the Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta, Monday (5/8). (Photo by: Eddy S/PR)

The Selection Committee assigned to choose new leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for period of 2019-2023 has announced that 40 candidates have passed the psychological tests held on 28 July 2019.

Head of the Selection Committee Yenti Garnasih said that the successful candidates are dominated by academics/lecturers (7 candidates), followed by members of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) (6 candidates), members/commissioners of the KPK (5 candidates), auditors (4 candidates), state apparatus (4 candidates), prosecutors (3 candidates), lawyers/law consultants (2 candidates), retired prosecutor (1 candidate), judge (1 candidate), retired state apparatus (1 candidate), member of the National Police Commission (1 candidate), and others (5 candidates).

“Those who pass psychological tests will undertake a profile assessment to be held at the National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas) in Jakarta on 8 August 2019,” Yenti told the reporters.

The successful candidates are, among others:

  1. Agus Santoso – Former Deputy Chairman of the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) (other)
  2. Aidir Amin Daud – Retired state apparatus
  3. Alexander Marwata – Commissioner of the KPK
  4. Antam Novambar – Member of Polri
  5. Bambang Sri Herwanto – Member of Polri
  6. Cahyo RE Wibowo – Official at a state-owned enterprise (other)
  7. Chandra Sulistio Reksoprodjo – Member of the KPK
  8. Dede Frahan Aulawi – Member of the National Police Commission
  9. Dedi Haryadi – Member of Corruption Eradication Team (other)
  10. Dharma Pongrekung – Member of Polri
  11. Eddy Hary Susanto – Auditor
  12. Eko Yulianto – Auditor
  13. Firli Bahuri – Member of Polri
  14. Fontian Munzil – Lecturer
  15. Franky Ariyadi – Banker (other)
  16. Giri Suprapdiono – Member of the KPK
  17. I Nyoman Wara – Auditor
  18. Jimmy Muhamad Rifai Gani – Advisor to the Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (other)
  19. Johanis Tanak – Prosecutor
  20. Joko Musdianto – State apparatus
  21. Juansih – Member of Polri
  22. Laode Muhammad Syarif – Commissioners of the KPK
  23. Lili Pintauli Siregar – Lawyer
  24. Luthfi Jayadi Kurniawan – Lecturer
  25. Jasman Pandjaitan – Retired prosecutor
  26. Marthen Napang – Lecturer
  27. Nawawi Pomolango – Judge
  28. Nelson Ambarita – State apparatus
  29. Neneng Euis Fatimah – Lecturer
  30. Nurul Ghufron – Lecturer
  31. Roby Arya – State apparatus
  32.  Sigit Danang Joyo – State apparatus
  33. Sri Handayani – Member of Polri
  34. Sugeng Purnomo – Prosecutor
  35. Sujanarko – Member of the KPK
  36. Supardi – Prosecutor
  37. Suparman Marzuki – Lecturer
  38. Torkis Parlaungan Siregar – Lawyer
  39. Wawan Saeful Anwar – Auditor
  40. Zaki Sierrad – Lecturer.

“The decision of the KPK Selection Committee is final,” Head of the Selection Committee Yenti Garnasih said during her press statement at the Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta, Monday (5/8). (ES)

Translated by : Rany Anjany Subachrum
Edited by : Mia Medyana Bonaedy

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