4,211 People’s Markets Revitalized as of 2018

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 20 Februari 2019
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20FebIn a bid to boost people-centered economy, Ministry of Trade executes the People’s Market (Pasar Rakyat) revitalization program, which is one of the three mandates from President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to the Ministry.

Director General for Domestic Trade of the Ministry of Trade, Tjahya Widayanti, asserted that up to 2018, the Government has revitalized 4,211 markets out of 5,000 target set for 2015-2019 period using Special Allocation Fund and co-administered funds.

“In order to meet the target, 1,037 markets are projected to be revitalized this year,” Tjahya told reporters at the Ministry of Trade, Jakarta, on Wednesday (20/2).

According to the Director General, the People’s Markets revitalization does not only mean improving the physical aspect of the market but also the non-physical aspects including the management of market and integration with other sectors.

“Improving the physical aspect can change people’s view about traditional market – from a place that is dirty, smelly, wet, muddy to a clean and comfortable place to visit. However, it must also be supported with non-physical revitalization including on the management, economic and social aspects,” Tjahya firmly said.

Management revitalization means improvement of the arrangement of market’s vendors, financing, and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). As for economic revitalization, it means management to increase vendors’ income and to accommodate both formal and informal economic activities at the market, while socio-cultural revitalization means improvement to be made by creating attractive market ecosystem that will bring an impact to the people and increase their quality of social life.

Also on that occasion, Tjahya added that the Central and Regional Governments have been cooperating in developing, empowering, and increasing the quality of the People’s Markets management in order to strengthen the role of the markets in the respective regions as mandated in Law Number 7 of 2014 on Trade.

In addition, Tjahya affirmed that the People’s Market already obtained the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) which serves as references for market managers in managing and empowering the market community optimally and professionally. “The SNI obtained by the People’s Market is expected to serve as references for the market to become home to Indonesia’s economy and culture which have competitiveness while maintaining local wisdom at the same time,” she said.

Tjahya went on to say that Ministry of Trade also has the People’s Market empowerment program that covers management training of the market, focus group discussion (FGD) on the SNI and SOP of the market management, establishment of market’s school for market vendors, market activation strategy, mentoring and SNI certification of the market, as well as granting awards to outstanding managers of the People’s Market.

The Director General said that one indicator of the success of the People’s Market revitalization program is the increase in market turnover. Based on the observation, the turnover of the revitalized market rose by 20 percent.

“It indicated an increase in the number of people visiting the market since the revitalized markets are now more comfortable and safe,” she said

In order to ease the monitoring of market turnover, Ministry of Trade supports the adoption of online applications such as e-retribusi and e-payment which is electronic payment mechanism to collect fees at traditional markets.

“The development of online applications is proof of digital transformation in traditional market. By monitoring market turnover online, the market management system is expected to be easier and more efficient,” Tjahya stated.

In addition, the Ministry of Trade will hold an award ceremony called “Pasar Rakyat Award” to appreciate the managers of the People’s Market, which coincides with the inauguration of the People’s Market and is slated to be opened by President Jokowi at the International Convention and Exhibition, Bumi Serpong Damai (ICE BSD), Tangerang, next month.

“The Pasar Rakyat Award is a token of appreciation for the market and managers who have worked hard to develop the People’s Market and provide basic necessities at an affordable price. The Award is also aimed at encouraging the market vendors and managers to manage and improve the market independently, as well as to motivate them to matelialize secure, clean, comfortable, and people-centered markets that can contribute to improve the economy of the market’s surrounding areas,” Tjahya said.

For the record, there will be three categories in the Pasar Rakyat Award, among others, Best Revitalized Market, Best Eco-friendly Market, and Best Market for People with Disability. Three markets will be awarded from each categories. In addition, there will be also an award for market manager, namely The People’s Market Best Manager.

Also on the same occasion, certificates will be handed to five markets that already obtained SNI 8152:2015 Year 2018.(EN/Ministry of Trade PR Division/ES)



Translated by : RanyAnjanySubachrum
Edited by : Muhardi
Proofread by : Yuyu Mulyani

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