569 Pairs of Candidates Register for 2018 Simultaneous Regional Election

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 11 Januari 2018
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Logo-Pilkada-Serentak-1-300x166Until the last day of the registration for governor, regent, and mayor candidates, 569pairs have registered through Regional Election Commission (KPUD) to join the 2018 Simultaneous Regional Election (Pilkada).

Based on the information released by www.kpu.go.id, from 569 pairs of candidates, 57 pairs register for governor/deputy governor election in 17 provinces; 373 pairs register for regent/deputy regent election in 113 regencies; and 139 pairs register for mayor/deputy mayor election in 39 cities.

However, the KPUD has to reject registrations of several candidates. There are three of them, such as: 1. Chairil Syah and Mualimin, who register for the election of Mayor/Deputy Mayor of Palembang; 2. Drs. Siswandi and Drs. Euis Fety Fatayati, who register for the election of Mayor/Deputy Mayor of Cirebon, supported by PAN (the National Mandate Party) and Gerindra Party; and 3. Ones Pahabol and Petrus Yoram Mambai, who register for the election of Governor/ Deputy Governor of Papua, supported by PKPI (the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party).<>

In the meantime, there are 9 pairs of candidates who asked to revised their applications, such as: 1. Ya’qud Ananda Gubran and Wanedi (Malang City); 2. Nichodemus Ronsumbre and Akmal Bachri HI Kalabe (Biak Numfor); 3. Hengky Kayame and Yeheskiel Tenouye (Paniai); 4. Esebius Gobai and Fransiscus Zonggonau (Paniai); 5. Martinus Nawipe and Semuel Bunai (Paniai); 6. Meki Nawipa and Oktopianus Gobai (Paniai); 7. Naftali Yogi and Marten Mote (Paniai); 8. Yehuda Gobai and Yan Tebai (Paniai); and 9. Yunus Gobai and Markus Boma (Paniai).

There are also 3 pairs of candidates who cancel their registrations, namely: 1.Supriadi and Wahyudi (Lamandau Regency): 2. Abdul Haris Lasimpara and Djabrik Petta Rolla (Parigi Moutong Regency); as well as 3. Faisal Hamid and H. Darwis (Bone Regency). These candicates are not supported by any political party.

Based on KPU’s data, from the 569 pairs of candidates, there are 521 males and 48 females to compete at the election of regional heads (governor, regent, and mayor). In the meantime, there are 518 males and 51 females to compete at the election of deputy head of the regions. In total, there are 1,039 males and 99 females candidates at this year’s Pilkada.

There are also five incumbent governors and four deputy governors that will run again at the 2018 Pilkada. Furthermore, four deputy governors shall take part at governor election.

There are eight mayors who register as candidates for governor election and one mayor registers for deputy governor election. One mayor shall take part at the election of regent and 25 mayors shall run again at mayoral election.

Meanwhile, there are 11 regents to take part at governor election and 10 regents to take part at the election of deputy governor. 65 people are going to run again at regent election.

Two deputy mayors are going to take part at the election of deputy governor and one mayor aiming for regent position. There are also 16 mayors to take part at mayoral election.

There are 29 deputy regents who will take part at the election of regent and 23 people still run for deputy regent position.

In the meantime, six members of the House of Representatives (DPR) register for the election of governor; 2 members register for the election of deputy governor; one member register of deputy regent election; three members register for mayoral election; and one member register for deputy mayor election.

Based on types of work, candidates from civil servant are the biggest, that is 156 people; members of Regional House of Representatives(DPRD)at Regency level 147 people; Regents 86 people; Deputy Regent 52 people. In the meantime, there are eight members of Indonesian National Defence Forces and nine Indonesian National Police’s officers who will take part at the 2018 Pilkada.

According to the schedule, the voting of 2018 Pilkada to be held on 12 June 2018. (Humas KPU/ES)(MMB/YM/Naster).

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