Abnormal Situation Needs a Quick Change of Policy

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 29 Juli 2016
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President Joko Widodo delivers a remarks at the Closing of National Leaders Meeting of Golkar Party, at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, on Thursday (28/7) evening

President Joko Widodo explained that at the moment, the world is in a difficult situation. The same situation is alsofaced by global economy that keeps declining. From geopolitical situation, the war in the Middle East causes millions of refugees run to Europe. Acts of terror, suicide bomb also take place almost every day in almost all countries.

“These are the facts and reality that we must encounter. Global economy and geopolitical condition are not in a good situation,” the President said when delivering his remarks at the Closing of National Leaders Meeting (Rapimnas) of Golkar Party, at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, on Thursday (28/7) evening.

According to the President, all countries’ economy is not in a good situation. No country can escape from the pressure of global economy. Their economic growth decreases one percent, two percent, minus three percent, even minus seven percent. Moreover, there is a country whose President must resign due to the bad growth. There is also a government that fails because its gowth is minus and this condition causes plundering.

“These are the difficulties.This kind of economic pressure also presses Indonesia. It is an abnormal situation,” the President said.

Therefore, the President said, it must be overcome with abnormal measures as well. These economic pressures cannot be handled with regular and normal ways because they cannot help us to escape from these difficult situations.

“It needs a quick decision, a quick policy changes so that the changes can be rapidly anticipated,” the President firmly said. He added that security as well as political situation stabilities are important for our country.

On that occasion, the President explained that there are many investors and business people who believe that our political stability is really good. We should be thankful for that.

Thus, the President asked a back up and support for those policies from political parties so that we can make rapid changes.

“For example, the Tax Amnesty Law, if it is implemented after June, we loose our momentum. Therefore, I appreciate the support from the parties at the House of Representatives (DPR) that rapidly finish the Law,” the President said while mentioning if we loose the momentum, it would be hard to chase because today’s economy is hard to be predicted.

The Closing of Rapimnas was attended by the third President of Indonesia B. J. Habibie, the fifth President of Indonesia Megawati Soekarnoputri, Speaker of People’s Consultative Assembly Zulkifli Hasan, Speaker of DPR Ade Komarudin and General Chairman of Golkar Setya Novanto as the host, as well as the figures of political parties from Golkar and other parties. (DNA/TKP/ES)(MMB/YM/Naster)

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