Actions on Climate Change, Indonesia Strengthen International Cooperation

By Humas     Date 25 September 2014
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Actions on Climate Change, Indonesia Strengthen International Cooperation

Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) appears as forth speaker at United Nation (UN) 69th assembly, during the first summit (Pleno I KTT) of 2014 on Climate, at the UN Headquarter New York – United State, on Tuesday (23/9) morning local time (evening in Indonesia).

The plenary was opened by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon. President SBY shares his idea on two key elements of policies in Indonesia related to climate change that is multilateral cooperation and domestic actions.

At multilateral level, President SBY reminds the needs to redouble efforts towards Post Agreement of 2020 on Climate Change, that consists of mitigation, adaptation and action plan.

“We have to exert our best efforts to generate new agreement about climate change in Paris next year”, said SBY.
On that occasion, President SBY conveys strategic steps of Indonesia in answering climate change challenge. He said, Indonesia has contributed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent in 2020. With international support, President SBY hopes, this target would go up to 41 percent.

“In order to make this happens, the government has renewed moratorium on new permits to cut down trees and licenses on forest utilization on peat lands since May of 2014”, said the Head of State.

Second, SBY adds, up till now Indonesia still fighting against deforestation and land degradation through establishing REDD+ Agency, which serves to improve the management of forestry.

In addition, through bilateral cooperation with Norwegian, Indonesian government encourage the greenhouse gas emission reduction, and improve the quality of life of local people in Indonesian forest and on peat lands.

Third, the government said President SBY, is currently exploring all possibilities to create blue carbon ecosystem, in order to support efforts on preventing the increase of global temperature more than 2 degree (Celsius). “Indonesia has also signed acceptance letter and the amendment of Kyoto Protocol in Doha”, said the Head of State.

President SBY firmly said that Indonesia is willing to strengthen cooperation with all parties involved at this bilateral or regional level, related to the actions taken for handling the climate change. “Partnership is become primary”, said SBY.

The Climate Change Summit of 2014 is held with the aim to provide political impetus for the success of negotiation on international law, in handling the climate change, as well as in reinforcing the commitment from countries in the world in this matter.

Besides the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, other figures appears in the plenary were Former US Vice President Al Gore, New York Major Bill de Blasio, actrees li Bingbing and Leonardo diCaprio who also shares his idea.

In the plenary session that morning, the President was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty Natalegawa and Head of Indonesian Representative at UN Desra Percaya. The other ministers who also accompanied the President were at the ACOSOC room, they are the Coordinator Minister for Economy Chairul Tanjung, Minister of Environment Balthasar Kambuaya, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam, and others.

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