Address of President of the Republic of Indonesia at the General Debate Session of the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations 23 September 2021

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 23 September 2021
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His Excellency President of the UN General Assembly,

His Excellency UN Secretary General,

Your Excellencies Leaders of UN Member Countries,

The outcome of the 76th General Assembly of the UN is eagerly awaited by the global community to answer major global issues.

When will the people be freed from the pandemic?

When will the economy rebuild and grow inclusively?

How do we sustain the planet for the future?

And when will the world be freed from conflicts, terrorism, and war?

In light of the recent global situation, there are many things we need to do together.

First, we must bring hopes that we can tackle COVID-19 pandemic swiftly, fairly, and evenly. We know that “no one is safe until everyone is”. The capacity and pace among countries in handling COVID-19, including vaccination drive, differs widely. Politicization and discrimination towards vaccines continue to persist. We have to address these issues with concrete steps.

In the future, we have to reorganize the global health security system. New mechanisms are necessary to mobilize global health resources, including financing, vaccines, medicines, medical equipment, and health workers worldwide quickly and evenly. Global health protocol standards also must be implemented in cross-border activities, including vaccines criteria, test results, and other medical conditions.

Second, global economic recovery can only be achieved if the pandemic is under control and all countries join hands and help one another to rebuild the economy. Indonesia, along with other developing countries, openly accepts quality investments. – investments that create more job opportunities, carry out transfer of technology, develop the capacity of human capital, contribute to sustainability.

Third, Indonesia has a firm and clear commitment toward climate resilience, low carbon development, and green technology. However, energy and technology transformation process must facilitate developing countries so that they can be involved in industries development and become technology producers. The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us of the importance of diversification of vaccine production centers around the world.

Fourth, we have to be thoughtful in fighting against intolerance, conflicts, terrorism, and war. Peace in diversity and the protection of women’s and minority rights must be enforced. Potentials for use of force and women alienation in Afghanistan, issue on Palestinian independence, and political crisis in Myanmar must be our common interest. The ASEAN Leaders have met in Jakarta and agreed on the Five-Point Consensus in which the implementation needs the Myanmar military’s commitment.

The great hope of the global community must be answered with our concrete steps and tangible results. It is a responsibility that we must carry on our shoulders that the global community awaits. It is our duty to bring hope to the future of the world.

Your Excellencies,

In 2022 Indonesia will chair the G20 Presidency under the theme of “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”. Indonesia will make great efforts to ensure that the G20 can benefit all countries, including developed countries and developing countries, countries in the north and in the south, large and small countries, archipelagic countries and small island countries in the Pacific, as well as vulnerable groups that must be prioritized. Inclusiveness is a major priority for Indonesia’s G20 Presidency. This is Indonesia’s commitment to prove that there is no one left behind.

The green and sustainable economy will also be a priority. Indonesia plays a strategic role in addressing climate change. Therefore, we will continue to make the best efforts to fulfill our commitment. In 2020, Indonesia succeeded in reducing the number of forest fires by 82 percent compared to that in the previous years. The number of deforestations dropped significantly. It is the lowest number in the last 20 years.

At the global level, Indonesia aims to promote burden-sharing. In addressing global challenges, Indonesia reaffirms her hopes and supports for multilateralism. It is important for us to safeguard an effective multilateralism with concrete works and results.

Let us work together, recover together, recover stronger.

I thank you. (AP/EP)

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