Arriving in Myanmar, President Jokowi Prepares to Attend ASEAN Summit

By Humas     Date 12 November 2014
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President Jokowi and First Lady Iriana arrive at Nay Pyi Taw Airport, Myanmar on Tuesday

After being in Beijing, China since Saturday (8/11) and becoming the star in APEC Summit, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) accompanied by First Lady Iriana Widodo arrived at Nay Pyi Taw International Airport, Myanmar, on Tuesday (11/11) at around 9:00 pm local time.

The arrival of the seventh Indonesian President was welcomed by the Protocol Head of Republic of the Union of Myanmar U Thurein Thant Zin and Indonesian Ambassador to Myanmar Ito Sumardi, and some Indonesian citizens living in the country.

The President visited Myanmar to attend ASEAN Summit which took place on 12th-13th November. Afterward, President Jokowi will continue the trip to Brisbane, Australia to attend G-20 Summit which will be held on 15th-16th November.

The agenda of President Jokowi in Myanmar were as follows:

On Wednesday 12th November 2014:

–          – Attended ASEAN Summit

–          – Attended the launching of ASEAN Institute of green economy

–          – Attended ASEAN Summit + India

–          – Attended ASEAN Summit + Japan

–          – Attended ASEAN Summit + UN

–          – Commemorated 40th ASEAN + Australia

On Thursday 13th November 2014:

–          Attended the 9th East Asia ASEAN

–          Attended ASEAN Summit + US

–          Attended ASEAN Summit + China

–          Attended ASEAN Summit + 3 (China, South Korea and Japan)

–          Attended ASEAN Leaders Meeting

–          Attended the closing of ASEAN Summit then press conference

Asked Indonesian Citizens to Return Home

Before leaving Beijing for Myanmar, President Jokowi had meeting with successful Indonesian citizens in China.

In the short yet warm meeting, President Jokowi and First Lady, not only said hello but also did not refuse to be taken selfie photo. After handshakes and brief chat, Indonesian youths showed their selfie photo to each other.

The President also said to Indonesian Citizens not to forget to return to the homeland.

 “Don’t forget to return to Indonesia…” President Jokowi said when he had chat with one of Indonesian citizens Ully Hutagalung, in Beijing, on Monday evening (10/11).

Ully with her fellow Indonesian students in Beijing, had waited the arrival of President Jokowi and First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo at hotel lobby. They lined neatly at the lobby to wait for the Head of State and First Lady from a series of activities in the sidelines of APEC meetings.

 “How long have you been living here?” President Jokowi asked courteously as he greeted Ully.

 “Eleven years,” Ully who taught English said enthusiastically. And the Head of State replied “It’s been very long, don’t forget to return to Indonesia,”.

Besides Indonesian youth, President Jokowi and First Lady were also welcomed by Guaqiao, namely Chinese descent who were forced to leave Indonesia due to politic crisis in the 1960’s, and they could not return to Indonesia.

The Chinese descents are already 70-80 years in average, but they still enthusiastically welcomed President Jokowi and First Lady for three hours.

Wearing kebaya, batik shirt, they welcomed the president by singing “Jayalah Indonesiaku (Long Live My Indonesia)” and “Indonesia Pusaka “Indonesia Pusaka (Hereditary Indonesia” songs.

 “This is part of Indonesian Diasporas in China, even though they had left Indonesia long time ago, away from Indonesia, but our hearts are still close with Indonesia,” one of them said. (*/ANT/ES)Bottom of FormBottom of Form

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