Arts Festival and Tree-Planting Activity Enliven Independence Day Commemoration in Enggano Island

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 18 Agustus 2016
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Governor of Bengkulu Ridwan Mukti and Regent of North Bengkulu Mian at the Arts Festival ahead of the Commemoration of the 71st Independence Day Anniversary of Indonesia in Enggano Island, on Wednesday (17/8) morning

The commemoration of the 71st Independence Day Anniversary of Indonesia in outermost small islands took place in Enggano Island, North Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu Province, on Wednesday (17/8) morning. There was something unique about this event. It was started by planting Cemara Pantai tree and enlivened by Enggano Arts Festival.

The tree-planting activity was held at Enggano Coast, Kaana Village, Enggano Island, North Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province. The activity, that was organized by Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries collaborating with Marine Affairs and Fisheries Department of Bengkulu, involving as well the Head of Enggano Subdistrict, elementary students in Enggano, students from Universitas Bengkulu who are participating in Students Community Service (KKN), and local people.

The tree-planting activity was then followed by coral reefs-planting at Dua Island, Kahyapu Enggano Village, North Bengkulu, on Wednesday (16/8) afternoon. As many as 30 racks were planted on that occasion and hopefully this activity would be continued in the future.

The Head of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Department of Bengkulu, Rinaldi, who was represented Governor of Bengkulu, said that this activity is one of the efforts to maintain vegetation in outermost small islands of Indonesia.

 “We, the officers from Marine Affairs and Fisheries Department of Bengkulu, really appreciate the coral reefs transplantation. In the future, this activity would involve business people in fisheries sector. The effort to preserve the coral reefs must involve the government, business people, and local people,” Rinaldi said.

Enggano Arts Festival

Besides tree-planting activity, the commemoration of the 71st Independence Day Anniversary was also enlivened by Enggano Arts Festival, held at Enggano Subdistrict Office and handover of agriculture equipments, wheel chairs, medicines, as well as children’s books.

Governor of Bengkulu Ridwan Mukti, in his remarks, said that the government is committed to seriously developing Enggano Island. Therefore, the Central Government, regional government, and subdistrict requestedthe support from the people in Enggano to cooperate in the development by participating in the constructions of road infrastrucure, airports, electricity, water, as well as the facilities to support marine and fisheries industries.

 “The Government is committed to seriously developing Enggano Island,” the Governor said.

On that occasion, the Governor also said that he will prepare Enggano Island to hold Sail Enggano in 2020, as part of tourism potential in Bengkulu Province.

The peak Enggano Arts Festival was attended by Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Maritime Affairs, Director General of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, representative from National Development Planning Agency, representative from Ministry of Tourism, representative from Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Governor of Bengkulu, Regent of North Bengkulu, Head of Enggano Subdistrict, and adat figures in Enggano. (FID/ES)(MMB/YM/Naster)

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