As Teacher Conduct Noble Profession, Minister of Education and Culture Asks People to Lighten Their Burden of Life

By Humas     Date 26 November 2014
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As Teacher Conduct Noble Profession, Minister of Education and Culture Asks People to Lighten Their Burden of Life

In commemorating Teachers Day of 2014 on Tuesday (25/11), Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Anies Baswedan asks people to lighten teacher’s expenditure. Mendikbub says, the action could be through many ways, such as by giving special discount to teachers. “For example, those who owns a mechanic shop could give a discount for teacher who wants to repair their vehicle”, ask Mendikbud in press conference at Ki Hajar Dewantara building, Jakarta, Monday (24/11). Mendikbud believes, special attitude towards teacher would help them in lightening life loads. “Teacher is a noble profession”, says Anis.

According to Anis, Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) as part of top government has invited private sector in this action. “I spoke with private sector about this idea. They give positive responds”, he says. But Kemdikbud could not opens names of companies agree to join the movement. Mendikbud promises to make public release after receiving official letter from them. In order to receive the special treatment, teachers could show their organization. “Could be any organization of teachers”, he says.

Mind-set Revolution

Related to the theme “Realizing Mind-set Revolution By Strengthening Teacher’s Role Strategically”, Mendikbud Anies Baswedan says teachers are the front liners in conducting mind-set revolution of our nation. In addition, Mendikbud asks people to place teacher in respectable position. “The way we appreciate teachers mirrors a nation in embracing the future”, he says.

Therefore, the government determines to keep improving the quality of education by appreciating teacher profession. If this movement success, Mendikbud believes the education in this country would get better. He also asks people to have mind-set change in looking a teacher as just a profession. Teacher, must be looked as the progress determinants of a nation. “Teacher is not angle. There is always room for imperfection. But, the majority of teachers are good people and noble”, says Anis.

Addie MS

The top session of Teacher Day commemoration (HGN) of 2014 is marked with a ceremony at the Kemdikbud office in Jakarta on Tuesday (25/11). Famous composer Addie MS would lead a choir of senior high students. He would be a conductor for the song “Indonesia Raya” and “Bangun Pemuda-Pemudi”. After that, Addie MS who receive direct invitation from Mendikbud, would seat back together with other guest. (Humas Kemdikbud/WID/ES)(Ifp)

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