Attending FFI 2014, President Jokowi Asks People of Indonesia to Love Indonesian Movies

By Humas     Date 9 Desember 2014
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Attending FFI 2014, President Jokowi Asks People of Indonesia to Love Indonesian Movies

After visiting Pangkalan Bun in Central Kalimantan and Gorontalo, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo acompanied by the First Lady Iriana Widodo continue their schedule to Palembang in South Sumatera to attend Indonesian Movie Festival (FFI) of 2014 at the Palembang Sport Convention Center (PPSC), on Saturday (6/12) evening. President Jokowi says he loves to watch Indonesian movie.

“Do not be surprised, President Jokowi loves to watch Indonesian movie, you could possibly meet me at the cinema at 9 or 11 PM, Saturday night”, says Jokowi. In addition, he mentions few titles which he watched in recent months.

“I am trying to remember movie titles that I have watched, while going to the stage, I remember “Manusia Setengah Salmon”, “Comic 8”, and “Malam Minggu Miko””, says the President that got applause from the audience.

President asks people to love Indonesian movies. “These movies are the character of our nation, showing our beloved Indonesia. Hopefully, Indonesian movie could be loved by its people and liked by others”, he says. Still, according to the President, the love to our movie could improve creativity of Indonesian artists and preserve the nations copyright of culture.

“Movie could be the next strength of creative economy that would add state revenue”, Jokowi says. Therefore, President Jokowi commits to support Indonesian movies to improve its quality, and promises to form creative economy state of board directly under President line of command.

On the occasion, President Jokowi gives Citra award for movie title “Cahaya Dari Timur” which become the best movie of 2014 in FFI. The best actor is Chicco Jerikho, best actress is Dewi Irawan, and the best director is Adriyanto Dewo. (*/ANT/ES)(Ifp)

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