Attorney General Reports Performance of the AGO to President Jokowi

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 14 Desember 2020
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President Jokowi, accompanied by Minister of State Secretary Pratikno, attends the Opening of the 2020 Working Meeting of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia, Monday (14/12). (Photo by: Presidential Secretariat’s Press Bureau/Muchlis Jr)

The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia (AGO), on Monday (14/12), held a virtual working meeting adopting the theme “Commitment of the Attorney General Office to Make National Economic Recovery Successful”. The working meeting was attended by 4,386 prosecutors across the country.

According to Attorney General ST Burhanuddin, the working meeting was a forum to assess the performance of the AGO in 2020 and to formulate strategic policies in 2021.

Before the President, a number of Ministers, and other participants, the Attorney General described the AGO’s performance in 2020.

In the field of special crime, the AGO handled some cases that have a significant loss value, corporate cases involving corporations as perpetrators of criminal acts, and cases related to the state revenue. The AGO also initiated the prosecution of corruption crimes that harm the country’s economy.

“This year, the AGO and Public Prosecutors throughout Indonesia have succeeded in saving state finances amounting to Rp 19.2 trillion and contributed Rp 346.1 billion to non-tax state revenue (PNBB),” Burhanuddin said.

In the field of general crimes, he said, the AGO has issued Attorney General’s Regulation Number 15 of 2020 on Discontinuation of Prosecution based on Restorative Justice in order to realize justice based on the law and conscience. To date, 107 cases were resolved in accordance with restorative justice. Through the policy, hopefully justice seekers, especially the underprivileged people are no longer mistreated.

In the field of civil and state administration, regarding COVID-19 handling, the AGO provides legal assistance with a total value of Rp 38.7 trillion, as well as assistance on national economic recovery policy with a total value of Rp 68.2 trillion.

Regarding intelligence, the AGO plays an active role in securing and supporting the acceleration of national strategic projects development with a total budget ceiling of Rp 289 trillion.

In order to support investment climate and ease of doing business (EoDB), the AGO has facilitated investments worth Rp 26.3 trillion. “Through the Catching Fugitives (Tangkap Buronan) program, as many as 146 fugitives have been arrested,” he explained.

Regarding supervision, the AGO has implemented a whistleblowing system and completed 107 out of 524 complaint reports. “Disciplinary action has been taken against 130 staff of the AGO,” the Attorney General said.

Furthermore, the AGO has established an assessment center in order to improve and develop human resources quality which one of its activities is an open selection for Head of the High Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition, to maintain the quality of human resources, the Education and Training Center of the Attorney General’s Office continues to conduct education and training for prosecutors. It is held virtually and attended by 400 prospective prosecutors. (FID/UN) (RIF/MMB)

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