Bengkulu Governor to Prepare Enggano Island Ahead of 2020 Sail Enggano

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 Agustus 2016
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Photo Caption: The beauty of Malakoni Village, Enggano Island

Photo Caption: The beauty of the beach of Malakoni Village, Enggano Island

Enggano Island will host the 2020 Sail Enggano. Therefore, the regional government has done some preparation, including by allocating the budget.

The statement was made by Bengkulu Governor Ridwan Mukti in an inspection to Enggano Airport, Banjarsari Village, Enggano Subdistrict, North Bengkulu Regency, after leading the ceremony of the 71st Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in Enggano Subdistrict Office on Wednesday (17/8).

“Not only the preparation from regional government at provincial level, regional government at regency/city level and the Central Government will also do some preparation together so that Enggano Island can become a national tourist destination spot,” Ridwan added.

To support electricity infrastructure, Ridwan said that electricity must available for 24 hours a day non-stop.

“We will prepare electricity for industries, hence there must be construction in electricity within the next 3 years,” Ridwan firmly said.

The Governor also said that the regional government at provincial level will strengthen the basis of Enggano as the national tourist destination spot; the regional government will also improve education and health facilities.

Ridwan admitted that in order to support tourism sector in outermost small island like Enggano, the local government needs to improve transportation infrastructures immediately, be it in land, water, or air.

According to the Governor, strategic infrastructures for air transportation – an airport – that can connect Enggano and Bengkulu is needed to build the connectivity.

Meanwhile, facilities and infrastructures in water transportation such as docks and seaports located in Malakoni and Kahyapu need to be strengthened.

Thus, Enggano Island can become a stopover or a crossing location for ships which sail through West Coast of Sumatra, Ridwan said, adding that infrastructure of road in land will be improved by using hotmix asphalt.

Ridwan also gave his full support to the development of homestay for tourists and appreciated the hospitality of Enggano people who could welcome tourists, develop culinary sector and transportation facilities that can be used for tourists to reach tourist attractions in Enggano.

“We hope the preparation ahead of 2020 Sail Enggano can be carried on continuously,” Ridwan said.

Thus, Enggano is prepared to become a beautiful and independent island which will not only be able to turn into a tourist destination spot but it also can contribute to the Gross Regional Domestic Product of Bengkulu Province and Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product, the Governor concluded.  (Manda Kumoro Saraswati, Keasdepan Bidang Perhubungan, Kedeputian Bidang Kemaritiman, ES) (RAS/EP/YM/Naster)

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