BKPM Boost the Socialization of Licensing Acceleration Through PTSP

By Humas     Date 16 Maret 2015
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BKPM Boost the Socialization of Licensing Acceleration Through PTSP

Following up the direction of the President to accelerate (simplify) of licensing, and the obligations for local governments possess the One Stop Services (PTSP) in order to simplify of licensing, the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) in cooperation with relevant ministries perform a series of licensing socialization.

On February 26, 2015 the BKPM in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture held a socialization of licensing in the field of Agriculture in PTSP Central, BKPM, for business people. In the event the socialization, the Ministry of Agriculture said that based on the Ministry of Agriculture Decree No. 1312/ pts/SR.340/12/2014, has been delegated 5 group of permits, ie the business field of horticulture, crops, plantations, farms, and veterinary medicine (manufacturers) in PTSP Center, BKPM.

With the delegation, so the licensing process, the field of of plantation business, which originally took over 751 days (starting the establishment of a legal entity to obtain a license) will be capped at 219 days, of which includes Technical Recommendation the agricultural sector enterprises from 20 days to 15 days only, that the submission can be done in PTSP Center, BKPM.

In an effort to simplify the licensing that related with the industrial field, the BKPM based on the assessment conducted, proposes to cut the licensing end-to-end of the industry sector which previously took up until 672 days to 152 days, as the implementation of PTSP Center efforts. The simplification of which include licenses for Consumer Protection (registration product circulation permit, and SNI) that is combined into a single process or simultaneously.

Licensing services through the Ministry/Agency Desk (which handed licensing authority to  the BKPM) in PTSP Central already equipped with the information of requirements and the time needed to process and could be accessed through the website of PTSP Central, on the site www.bkpm.go.id.

Ministry of Industry Desk in PTSP Central, serving the consultation as well as the licensing of industrial permit include: valuable paper industry, cigarette industry, alcoholic beverages, weapons and ammunition industry, process industry and produce, toxic and hazardous materials (B3) and the high-tech industry strategic, as well as basic metal industries. Meanwhile, BSN desk serves the consulting arrangement of SNI Marking Product Certificate (SPPT).

To assist investors in obtaining permits in Ministry Desk, the Ministry of Agriculture has put 3 Liasion Officer (LO) in the Front Office and Back Office of BKPM assigned to provide licensing information services, accept the licensing application and receive consultation from investors (for LO in the front office) , and have a duty to process the permits (LO in Back Office). While the Ministry of Industry and BSN has put each 3 Liasion Officers at PTSP Central, BKPM. Through the assignment, the LO officers  is expected could assist the investors in obtaining licensing and consultations.

During the period of 26 January to 25 February 2015, the investors who visited the desk of Agriculture recorded as many as 69 investors (with details of 52 investors to consult licensing and 17 investors who have submit the licensing), while for the field of Industry was 76 investors to consult licensing, and 10 investors were consulted in the desk BSN). (Humas Setkab/ES)

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