BLBI Task Force Recovers Rp111.2 Billion in State Assets

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 27 September 2023
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Photo by Directorate General of State Assets Management, Ministry of Finance

The Task Force for Handling of State’s Collection Rights of Bank Indonesia Liquidity Support (BLBI) has again exercised control over the assets of BLBI obligors/debtors. Recently, the task force has confiscated three assets of land and property with a value of Rp111.2 billion in South Jakarta.

“The BLBI Task Force has exercised physical control by installing the safety signs on the property assets of former BPPN/former BLBI and confiscated collaterals of debtors in South Jakarta with a total estimated value of Rp111.2 billion,” said Head of the BLBI Task Force Rionald Silaban as cited in the website of Ministry of Finance, Wednesday (09/27).

The first confiscated asset is the land property of former BPPN/former BLBI in Sultan Iskandar Muda Street, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, based on right to build certificate SHGB No. 298/Kebayoran Lama under the name of PT Bank Umum Nasional with an area of 283 square meters from former creditor of Bank Umum Nasional, with an estimated value of Rp8.6 billion.

Second, the land property of former BPPN/former BLBI in 52 Cilandak KKO Street, Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, based on land ownership certificates SHM No. 358, 1406, 1407, and 1411 under the name of Loka Prawira with a total area of 2,702 square meters from former debtor Loka Prawira, former creditor Unibank (BBKU), with an estimated value of Rp48.7 billion.

Confiscation is also carried out to a collateral of 2,465 square meters of land property owned by PT Primaswadana Perkasa Finance, former Bank Putra Surya Perkasa, located in  RS Fatmawati Street Number 37 RT 010/01, Pondok Labu, Cilandak, South Jakarta, based on right to build certificate SHGB No. 9/Pondok Labu under the name of PT Primaswadana Perkasa with an estimated value of Rp54.24 billion.

“Those assets are confiscated in order to settle debt obligations to the state, in the amount of Rp1.56trillion, excluded 10 percent Biad PPN (administration fees of state receivables management),” said Rionald.

Rionald further explained that management optimization will be carried out against the assets that have been physically controlled, in accordance with applicable regulations. For the next stage, the BLBI Task Force has planned acts of physical control over property assets spread across various cities/regencies in Indonesia.

“Meanwhile, the confiscation of assets of PT Primaswadana Perkasa Finance debtors will be continued with the management process through the PUPN mechanism, by conducting open sales through auction and/or other settlements,” he said.

Rionald emphasized that the BLBI Task Force will continue to make ongoing efforts to ensure the return of state collection rights through a series of measures, including blocking, confiscation, and selling the obligor’s or debtor’s assets which are collateral goods or other assets owned by the obligor or debtor who have so far received the BLBI funds or have not fulfilled their obligations to the state. (PR Ministry of Finance/UN) (AY/MMB)

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