Bonus for Asian Games Medalist to be Given Next Week, Minister Says

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 31 Agustus 2018
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Indonesia athletic team who compete in men’s 4x100 meters relay won silver medal in the final round, at GBK Main Stadium, Jakarta, Thursday (30/8). (Photo: IST)

Indonesia athletic team who compete in men’s 4×100 meters relay won silver medal in the final round, at GBK Main Stadium, Jakarta, Thursday (30/8). (Photo: IST)

The Indonesian Government ensures that bonuses for medalists at the 2018 Asian Games will be paid no later than next week, according to Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi.

According to him, individual gold medalist will get a bonus of Rp1.5 billion (US$ 101,600), silver medalist will get a bonus of Rp500 million (US$ 34,000), while bronze medalist will receive a bonus of Rp250 million (US$ 17,000).

“We make sure the bonuses for athletes, coaches, and assistant coaches will be paid next week” said Imam said.

Following are the details for the bonuses:

  1. Individual gold medalist will get Rp1.5 billion (US$ 101,600), double gold medal medalist will get Rp1 billion (US$ 67,000) per person, and team gold medalist will get Rp750 million (US$ 50,700) per person.
  2. Individual silver medalists will get get Rp500 million (US$ 34,000), double silver medalist will get Rp400 million (US$ 27,000) per person, and team silver medalist will get Rp300 million (US$ 20,000) per person.
  3. Individual bronze medalist will get get Rp250 million (US$ 17,000), double bronze medalist will get Rp200 million (US$13,500) per person, and team bronze medalist will get Rp150 million (US$ 10,000) per person.

The Government, Imam added will also give bonuses to coaches and assistant coaches, with the amount of individual/dual athletes’ coaches reaching Rp450 million (US$ 30,500) for gold, Rp150 million (US$ 10,000) for silver, and Rp75 million (US$ 5,000) for bronze.

In the meantime, team coaches will get Rp600 million (US$ 40,600) for gold, Rp200 million (US$ 13,500) for silver, and Rp100 million (US$ 6,700) for bronze. As for each second medal and so on, according to Imam, the coaches will get Rp225 million (US$ 15,000) for gold, Rp75 million (US$ 5,000) for silver, and Rp37,5 million (US$ 2,500) for bronze.

Imam also confirmed that all bonuses transferred are net amount (without tax deduction). In addition, the Government will also rewards each medalist with civil servant status and a house unit, he added

Until this news was published, medal tally of Indonesian team at the 2018 Asian Games are 30 gold medals, 23 silver medals and 37 bronze medals.

(PR of Ministry of Youth and Sports/ES) (STU/EP/Naster)

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