BPKP Compliments Cabinet Secretary Who Asked for an Audit in the End of His Tenure

By Humas     Date 20 Oktober 2014
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BPKP Compliments Cabinet Secretary Who Asked for an Audit in the End of His Tenure

The Head of Development and Finance Surveillance Agency (BPKP) Mardiasmo complimented Dipo Alam who asked for an operational audit financial accountability before he ended his tenure along with the exchange of President RI in the upcoming October 20.

“This is a new thing in this government; it is the first time undertaken by the request of Cabinet Secretary. The other institution has not requested it yet,” Mardiasmo said it when he handed the audit result to Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam at the Cabinet Secretariat office, Jakarta, on Thursday afternoon.

The operational audit conducted by BPKP in the last few months, including the management of treasury and down payment, the accountability of official travel, the payments, the operational fund for Presidential Special Envoy, the Minister’s Operational Fund, and the risk assessment.

According to Mardiasmo, the result of operational audit financial accountability of Cabinet Secretariat is in the good category. But he asked the Administrative Staff in Cabinet Secretary to complete several evidence of unfinished accountability, such as the exchange rate differences and the excess payment of official travel.

Do Not Under Estimate

Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam himself urged the ranks of Cabinet Secretary to not under estimate the small findings in every audit undertaken whether by Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) or BPKP. Although they are administrative findings but they have to be solved.

Cabinet Secretary expected this audit should be conducted as well by the other ministries/agencies because this audit was very helpful to repair the final financial accountability of those ministries/agencies.

Attending the event was the officials of echelon I and echelon II in the Cabinet Secretariat environment. (YH/ES)

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