Cabinet Secretariat Collaborates with Meta Indonesia to Discuss Optimizing Social Media

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 Oktober 2022
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Deputy for Cabinet Work Support of the Cabinet Secretariat Thanon Aria Dewangga and Head of Public Policy of Meta Indonesia Landry Subianto during Meta Platform for Government Workshop at Cabinet Secretariat’s office in Jakarta, Monday (24/10). (Photo by: PR/Agung)

Cabinet Secretariat Monday (10/24) held a workshop with Meta Indonesia to discuss optimizing the use of social media platforms in government public communications.

During the workshop entitled “Cabinet Secretariat x Meta Indonesia KolabBeraksi: Meta Platform for Government”, Deputy for Cabinet Work Support Thanon Aria Dewangga underscored that all elements of the Cabinet Secretariat must also be able to carry out public relations roles.

“It’s the President’s directive, the Cabinet Secretary’s directive. So, every state civil apparatus must know how to do PR. Don’t just focus on daily functions. We must comprehend PR and be concerned about how the PR officers can disseminate information to the community or surrounding environment,” Thanon stated at the Cabinet Secretariat’s office in Jakarta.

Thanon expressed hope that the input from Meta Indonesia can improve the performance as well as the digital public relations competence in the Secretariat.

The Deputy said that to improve the public relations role at all levels in the Cabinet Secretariat, the Secretariat formed Cabinet Secretariat Digital Community (KDS) which consists of representatives from work units within the Secretariat. “The PR of the Cabinet Secretariat and the KDS cannot be sluggish. They must be anticipative and look ahead to what will happen in the near future,” he added.

Thanon also expressed hope that the collaboration between the Cabinet Secretariat and Meta Indonesia can continue to improve government public communication.

“This is just the kick-off. Hopefully, in the future, we can collaborate again,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Policy of Meta Indonesia Landry Subianto expressed his gratitude for the collaboration. “Here, we are not only talking about substance but also about strategic aspects that we want to work on in the near future,” said Landry.

Landry also expressed appreciation on the various innovations made by the Cabinet Secretariat in order to improve public communication. “We also want to express our appreciation, especially for me, because I also often listen to the Cabinet Secretariat’s podcasts where I get very valuable information, and also from the websites, and so on,” he added. (JW/UN) (FI/HD/LW)

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