Cabinet Secretariat Creates Grand Design for Gov’t Translator, Interpreter Expertise Certification

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 23 Juni 2023
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Photo session during the meeting on the Grand Design of Government Translator and Interpreter Expertise Certification in South Tangerang city, Banten province, Friday (06/23). (Photo by: PR/Dindha)

Cabinet Secretariat as the fostering institution for Government Functional Position of Translators and Interpreters (JFP) through the Center for Government Translator and Interpreter Development (Pusbinter) is preparing a grand design for government translator and interpreter (PFP) expertise certification.

According to Head of Pusbinter Sri Wahyu Utami, the grand design that involves stakeholders in the preparation stage will serve as a guide for fostering government translators and interpreters.

“The grand design that we are preparing can serve as the best guide for fostering JFP to make JFP a world-class functional position. [PFP] play a major role in the Government, so they must have excellent competence,” she said during the meeting on the Preparation of the Grand Design for PFP Expertise Certification in South Tangerang city, Banten province, Friday (06/23).

Sri stated that Pusbinter has received the grand design draft prepared by experts from the International Language Institute of Faculty of Humanities of Universitas Indonesia (LBI FIB UI).

“We have carried out an FGD to strengthen the urgency at the beginning of the year at UI. Thank God, the expert consultants from LBI FIB UI have also prepared documents for the grand design and sent them to us,” she said.

During the meeting, Cabinet Secretariat and expert consultants, Sri added, were set to review the draft, complete documents that have not been prepared, and synchronize the theoretical review conveyed in the documents with the fostering practices that have been carried out.

“Based on the documents we received, we have classified them into several scopes of regulatory drafts,” she said, adding that there are three drafts of Regulation of Cabinet Secretary to be issued.

The first is the Draft of Regulation of Cabinet Secretary on Technical Instructions of JFP Fostering Practices, which consist of definitions of texts, description of activities per position level, as well as work results and quality standards of PFP.

The second is the Draft of Regulation of Cabinet Secretary on Competency Standards, Education and Training, and Competency Test of JFP, while the third is the Draft of Regulation of Cabinet Secretary on JFP Expertise Certification.

According to Sri, Pusbinter will initially carry out certifications for translators of legal texts, laws, and regulations, literature translators, social interpreters, and conference interpreters.

Sri pointed out that the meeting will be followed up with a revision to the grand design draft, which will be brought to a larger forum set to involve stakeholders, including translators as well as representatives of institutions that use services of translators, Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform, and the National Civil Service agency (BKN). (DND/UN) (DH/LW)

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