Cabinet Secretariat Earns Unqualified Opinion for 2021 Financial Report

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 September 2022
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Cabinet Secretariat, represented by Deputy Cabinet Secretary Fadlansyah Lubis, receives Unqualified Opinion (WTP) for 2021 Financial Report on Thursday (09/22) at the Dhanapala Building, Ministry of Finance. (Photo by: PR of Ministry of Finance)

Cabinet Secretariat Thursday (09/22) has earned Unqualified Opinion (WTP), the highest audit rating, from the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) for the 2021 Financial Report.

Cabinet Secretariat has kept its Unqualified Opinion title for ten consecutive years since 2012.

“Thank God, this time we received Unqualified Opinion, making the Cabinet Secretarit keep the title for ten consecutive years. Hopefully, the appreciation given today can motivate our employees even more, mainly in those units carrying out financial management so that they will have better results in the management,” Deputy Cabinet Secretary Fadlansyah Lubis said at the 2021 Government Accounting and Financial Reporting National Working Meeting, at the Dhanapala Building, Ministry of Finance, Thursday (09/22).

Fadlansyah also expressed gratitude and appreciation to all elements of Cabinet Secretariat especially the on-duty state civil apparatus (ASN) in the financial management unit. “It means, our employees in Cabinet Secretariat especially those in the financial management unit are consistent in the management of budget of each unit or sector. [The budget] is efficient, right on target, and in accordance with programs we’ve prepared and proposed previously,” he said.

Fadlansyah is also committed to maintaining the quality of the Cabinet Secretariat’s financial report to continue to obtain Unqualified Opinions in the coming years including to earn the title for 15 consecutive years.

For the record, the Working Meeting under the theme “Guarding Financial Accountability and Performance to Recover Faster, Rise Stronger” aims to give appreciation for the achievement of Unqualified Opinion, to realize the strengthening of financial quality and accountability and government performance, to increase awareness and to maintain commitment and common steps in accelerating the recovery and revival of the national economy. (FID/UN) (FI/MUR)

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