Cabinet Secretariat Holds Discussion on Podcast for Government Agencies

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 26 Agustus 2021
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Deputy for Cabinet Work Support of the Cabinet Secretariat Thanon Aria Dewangga on the opening of a webinar with title “Podcast for Government: How to Start a Podcast for Government Agencies” on Thursday (26/8). (Photo by: Jay/PR)

Cabinet Secretariat on Thursday (26/8) held a Focus Group Discussion with the title “Podcast for Government: How to Start a Podcast for Government Agencies”.

Deputy for Cabinet Work Support of the Cabinet Secretariat Thanon Aria Dewangga on the event said that the government agencies should be dynamic and able to keep up with the development of information and communication technology.

“Information technology and technological devices are developing rapidly. I see this technology tool and public relations as two sides of a coin. So when the technology tools are advancing, public relations should also follow the development of those tools so we will not left behind,” said Thanon.

However, he reminded that government public relations should not only follow all existing technological development. They also must be able to choose the right technology and make the most of it to assist the public relations tasks, he added.

“For that, we need the right strategy and method on how to use these tools. We should not make the wrong choice because not all new and sophisticated technology tools are in accordance with our character and needs,” he said.

Regarding podcasts, Thanon expressed opinion that this technology is very interesting and can be adopted by government agencies in disseminating information to the public.

“This is how government public relations should be. The government public relations must be able to adapt so that they remain in the hearts of the people,” he said.

Thanon also expressed appreciation to ministries / agencies that have started to use podcasts in disseminating information to the public, while adding that the Cabinet Secretariat plans to have its official podcast channel.

“Podcast is quite good and hopefully the Cabinet Secretariat will soon be able to launch its own podcast after getting some inputs from experienced speakers who have successfully launched their podcasts,” he said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Deputy of Public Relations and Protocol of the Cabinet Secretariat Said Muhidin said that the FGD aimed at sharing knowledge about podcast for government agencies so that the Cabinet Secretariat can obtain new perspectives from practitioners regarding the latest trend of technological issues.

“The Cabinet Secretariat finds it important to expand the scope of information dissemination, not only through the digital media that we currently have, namely websites, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but also through new media, namely podcast,” he said.

He expressed hope that the official podcast of the Cabinet Secretariat will later be able to strengthen and expand the scope of disseminating information about the agency as well as the programs and performance of the government cabinet.

For the record, speakers of the FGD are Special Staff to the President as well as podcaster of Ngobrol Sore Semuanya (NSS) Putri Tanjung, Head of the Public Relations Bureau of Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Yulia Jaya Nirmawati and Producer of the NSS Podcast Sarah Nuri Syahida. (FID/UN) (EST/MUR)

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