Cabinet Secretariat Holds Intermediate Interpreting Training

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 19 Juli 2022
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Opening of Technical Education and Training for Intermediate Interpreting, at Center for Competency Development of State Civil Apparatus, Ministry of State Secretariat, Monday (07/18). (Photo by: Cabinet Secretariat PR/ Jay)

Cabinet Secretariat’s Center for Government Translator and Interpreter Development (Pusbinter) on Monday (07/18) opened Technical Education and Training for Intermediate Interpreting.

“We are aware that thorough preparation is needed to become a competent interpreter who will always be ready to be assigned in all situations and circumstances. Therefore, it is deemed necessary to hold a training for intermediate interpreting,” Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Administrative Affairs Farid Utomo said in his opening remarks as recited by Head of Pusbinter Sri Wahyu Utami.

He also underscored the strategic role of interpreters in transfer of information from different languages and cultures. For that reason, he added, interpreters are encouraged to have a better understanding about cultures of source and target languages.

“(Have) a broad knowledge, a good time management, strong concentration and memory skills, skill to establish effective communication, excellent pronunciation technic, ability to work under pressure and being neutral who should not add or subtract (speaker’s) meaning with own interpretation,” he said adding that translators/interpreters also play important role in bridging relations between countries, be it in bilateral, regional, or multilateral relations.

He went on to say that considering Indonesia’s presidency in G20 and the hosting of G20 Summit 2022 in Bali, this training is a part of Cabinet Secretariat’s contribution to support the event through providing capacity building for interpreters so they can work to assist the leaders of ministries/institutions/regions in the series of event.

Farid expressed hope that the training will create competent interpreters to support their respective ministries/institutions.

For the record, the training held from 18 to 22 July 2022 is joined by 20 government translators. The training will give comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge on interpreting such as consecutive, dialogue, simultaneous interpreting. The participants will also use simultaneous interpreting booths during the practice. (FID/UN) (RAS/MUR)

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