Cabinet Secretariat Holds Monitoring and Evaluation Program for Government Translators

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 5 November 2021
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Monitoring and Evaluation Program for Government Translators/Interpreters at the University of Padjadjaran in West Java province (04/11). (Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat /Jay)

Cabinet Secretariat’s Center for Government Translators and Interpreters Development (Pusbinter) Thursday (04/11) held a monitoring and evaluation program for Indonesian government translators and interpreters (known as translator/interpreter functional official/PFPs) in West Java Province.

During this event, the Pusbinter visited three institutions, including Faculty of Humanities (FIB) of the University of Padjadjaran (Unpad), Bandung Municipal Government, Language Center of West Java Province.

The first institution the Pusbinter visited was the FIB of Unpad for a meeting with FIB’s Vice Dean II Mumuh Muhsin Zakarian and his ranks.

“This working visit aims to discuss, explore opinions and insights related to the improvement of translators/interpreters development policies, and to build partnership to improve translation’s quality and quality of PFPs,” Head of Pusbinter Sri Wahyu Utami said during the meeting.

In response to that, Mumuh welcomed the potential partnership that Sri earlier has said to improve PFPs’ quality considering the roadmap of the university to give great contributions to the institution and the people.

The faculty, Mumuh added, has various foreign language and regional language majors that are ready to provide language and translation skills training for PFPs.

The second institution was Bandung Municipal Government’s Regional Civil Service and Human Resources Development (BKPSDM).

In the meeting, Head of Pusbinter’s Division of Evaluation and Competency Nurmeilawati asked Bandung Municipal Government to empower government translators/interpreters in Bandung for the interests of Bandung City to support international partnership, trade, tourism, and leaders during meetings with international partners.

On that occasion, Head of the BKPSDM’s Division of Employee Transfer Ringgas expressed hope that Bandung Municipal Government can get recommendations to open recruitments for more government translators/interpreters.

“It is also our hope that coordination and communication between the BKPSM and Cabinet Secretariat can run well and better in the future so that the development of PFPs in Bandung Municipal Government can also be carried out well,” he added.

The last institution the Pusbinter visited during the working visit was Language Center of West Java Province that has four PFPs.

In the meeting, Head of Pusbinter’s Sub-Division of Administrative Affairs Tarmuji called on the Language Center of West Java Province to keep empowering, optimizing all four PFPs in every translation and interpretation activity.

In response to that, Head of Language Center of West Java Province Syarifuddin explained that all PFPs had carried out many translation tasks, both for interests of the agency and service to the people and the community.

However, the challenges faced by PFPs are positions for the promotion for PFPs who have fulfilled the qualification and passed the competency test, he added.

All PFPs at West Java Language Center, Syarifuddin added, expressed hopes that the Pusbinter can open the formation for PFPs at language centers throughout Indonesia who have have fulfilled the qualification for promotion and passed the competency test. (HIM/PUSBINTER/UN) (AP/EP)

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