Cabinet Secretariat Intensifies Dissemination of Gov’t Programs, Achievements Through Thematic Book

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 17 Juni 2022
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Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Cabinet Work Support Thanon Aria Dewangga Friday (06/17) opens a coordination meeting with Central Java regional governments in Semarang. (Photo by: PR/Teguh)

In a bid to further disseminate the Government’s programs and achievements in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Cabinet Secretariat published a thematic book entitled “Indonesia dan COVID-19: Kerja Keras di Tengah Pandemi” (Indonesia and COVID-19: Hard Work amid the Pandemic).

“The making of this thematic book was driven by and based on our passion to produce an alternative way to disseminate government achievements,” Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Cabinet Work Support Thanon Aria Dewangga said during a coordination meeting with Central Java regional governments in Semarang, Friday (06/17).

The thematic approach, the Deputy said, aims to provide a more comprehensive picture of the dynamics and stages of achievement of the work programs.

“This book, which contains records on the efforts of the Government together with all elements of society in facing this multidimensional crisis in mutual cooperation, will be the main reference for the current and future generations to obtain descriptive, chronological, and systematic knowledge by referring to the collection of Presidential speeches in the book,” he said.

Thanon observed that this book is not only an alternative means of disseminating information but can also be used as a historical document as well as a primary data source issued by the authorized government agency.

“We hope that what we have done by publishing this thematic book will be an inspiration for all of you in the provincial and regency/city governments to continue to put out books so that they can become a legacy for our children and grandchildren,” he stated.

Finally, the Deputy also expressed appreciation to the local government officials in Central Java province for their attendance. “Your attendance, for us, is proof of your strong commitment not only to planning, carrying out, and succeeding development programs in the region, but also to presenting effective dissemination that can be well received by all parties, including academicians in higher education and government officials, both at the central and regional levels,” he remarked.

For the record, a discussion on optimizing alternatives to disseminate information on achievements of the Government’s work programs amid the pandemic was also held. Two key speakers presented their takes on the theme, namely Temmy Purboyono, Secretary of the Department of Public Housing and Settlement Areas, Central Java Provincial Government and Nurul Hasfi, Lecturer at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University.

The book “Indonesia dan COVID-19: Kerja Keras di Tengah Pandemi” is available in electronic form and can be accessed via this link. (JW/UN) (FI/MUR)

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