Cabinet Secretariat Launches Competency Test for Government Translators

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 10 Februari 2020
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Deputy for Cabinet Working Support takes photo with participants of Competency Test in Bogor, West Java province. (Photo: Jay/PR).

As many as 30 government translators from central government and regional government institutions took part in a competency test organized by Cabinet Secretariat.

The program is held in Bogor city in West Java province from 10 until 15 February 2020.

Deputy to Cabinet Secretariat for Cabinet Working Support Thanon Aria Dewangga – who officially opened the event – expressed hope that the event will run well and smoothly and all the participants can pass the test.

“Cabinet Secretariat as the fostering agency for translator functional officials has 13 duties, one of which is to run the competency test,” Thanon said.

Therefore, according to him, this competency test is very important for the translators to ensure and to guarantee that each functional official has mastered competencies needed to be appointed to a higher position.

The competency test, Thanon continued, will begin with training sessions from experienced trainers and academic practitioners in the language field, namely English language proficiency, Indonesian language proficiency, as well as written translation skills.

“The training sessions are expected to be a preparation tool for participants in those three areas of translation so that they will get satisfying results,” said the Deputy.

Thanon also shared views on his visit to numerous regions to meet regional translator officials, saying that he is fully aware that translator functional officials play a very strategic and important role, but lack of awareness even from the translators themselves.

“So on this occasion, I want to invite all translator officials to continuously increase your competence,” he said, while hoping that the participants can follow all learning sessions well so that the test results can be satisfying.

On that occasion, Thanon also reminded that the translator functional officials should consider their future career path.

“Cabinet Secretariat should pay a greater attention on how to encourage the central and regional translator officials in terms of career path, financial benefits, the laws, as well as institutional affairs so that they can have a brighter career prospect,” he said. (FID/EN)

Translated by: Estu Widyamurti
Reviewed by: M. Ersan Pamungkas

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