Cabinet Secretariat’s DWP Distributes Eid Hampers to Orphans and Pensioners

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 April 2022
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Advisor of Cabinet Secretariat’s Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Endang Nugrahani Pramono Anung hands over Eid hampers, Friday (04/22)

Cabinet Secretariat’s association for wives of state officials (Dharma Wanita Persatuan/DWP) Friday (04/22) distributed Eid hampers to orphans, pensioners, janitors, supporting officers, and non-permanent employees of Cabinet Secretariat at the Building 3 of Ministry of State Secretariat in Jakarta.

“It is our hope that these Eid hampers will bring benefit and happiness to all of you in celebrating Eid al Fitr 1443 Hijri,” Advisor of Cabinet Secretariat’s DWP Endang Nugrahani Pramono Anung (Hani Pramono Anung) said.

The handover of Eid hampers is a routine activity conducted by the DWP that aims to help Cabinet Secretariat’s big family that needs assistance, adding that, Hani expressed her gratitude to all donors, especially echelon I and II officials of Cabinet Secretariat for their supports.

On that occasion, Hani also wished all women joining the event a Happy Kartini Day. She expressed her hope that all women can continue Kartini’s ideals to be independent, resilient women in facing every challenge.

Afterward, Hani rereminded all participants to stay beware and observe health protocols amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, Chairperson of Cabinet Secretariat’s DWP Kartini Yuli Harsono also expressed her gratitude to all components that have given supports and participate in a series of Cabinet Secretariat’s DWP activities during Ramadan 1443 Hijri.

For the record, in addition to the hampers’ distribution, during this year’s Ramadan Cabinet Secretariat’s DWP also held a Health Seminar on “Maintaining Dental, Oral Health during Ramadan”, Thursday (04/14). (FID/AIT/UN) (AP/HD/LW)

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