Cabinet Secretariat’s Women’s Association Grants Scholarship to 84 Students

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 26 September 2023
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Cabinet Secretariat’s women’s association (DWP) gives scholarship to students, at the auditorium of Ministry of State Secretariat, Tuesday (09/26). (Photo by: Public Relations of Cabinet Secretariat/Jay)

Cabinet Secretariat’s women’s association (DWP Setkab), Tuesday (09/26), gave 2023 DWP Setkab’s scholarship and donation. The event was held at the auditorium of Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta.

Alhamdullillah, this year, DWP Setkab can grant scholarship and donation to 84 children with total amount of Rp166.6 million,” said Advisor of DWP Setkab Hani Pramono Anung in her remarks.

Hani explained that DWP Setkab’s scholarship was granted to sons and daughters of employees, retirees, and contract-based employees of Cabinet Secretariat.  The scholarship was also given to several orphans.

“Hopefully, the scholarship and donation can help our children in getting education. I hope they will be more motivated in studying, so they can succeed at school and achieve their goals,” she expressed hope.

She also emphasized that education is a key to make Indonesia’s human recourses have quality to aim the 2045 Golden Indonesia.

“Through education, our children will broaden perspective and expand knowledge, their character will be formed, so they will be open-minded,” she said.

Closing her remarks, Advisor of DWP Setkab expressed her appreciation to all parties supporting the awarding of scholarships and donation.

“Thank you to all sponsors, particulary BNI and MIND ID, as well as other sponsors. Also, thank you to the of Echelon 1 I and II officials of Cabinet Secretariat for their donation,” she expressed appreciation.

A talk show titled “Optimization of Parents’ Role in Supporting the Children’s Learning Process” was also held during the event with a child psychologist Grace Eugenia Sameve as the speaker. Special performances were delivered by children of Cabinet Secretariat’s employees. Cathlyn Alexandra sang “Lukisan Indonesia” popularized by Naura Ayu. Sabria and Meita performed a traditional dance combined with modern hip-hop dance.

Also attending this event, among others, Vice Cabinet Secretary Fadlansyah Lubis, Secretary-General of the Central DWP Dewi Arif Hakim, Senior Vice President of BNI Ahmad Salman Soemantri, Chair of BNI Regional Office 12 Andry Hartono, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Division of MIND ID Binahidra Logiardi, Head of Social Performance Department of MIND ID Satya Nugraha, and DWP Setkab’s committee and Cabinet Secretariat’s employees. (KS/UN)(SS/AW)

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