Cabinet Secretary: Cabinet Secretariat Budget Allocation of 2021 to Implement Presidential Regulation 55/2020

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 September 2020
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Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung explains the use of the proposed additional budget at the Joint Working Meeting of Commission II of the House of Representatives (DPR) in Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (21/9). (Photo by: Public Relations/Ibrahim).

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung stated that the 2021 budget allocation is designed to implement Presidential Regulation Number 55 of 2020, including reviewing Ministerial and Institutional Regulations.

“So far Cabinet Secretariat has not reviewed the existing Ministerial and Institutional Regulations, now, we will be,” the Cabinet Secretary said at the Joint Working Meeting of Commission II of the House of Representatives (DPR) in Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (21/9).

Until Monday (21/9), Pramono Anung said that the Cabinet Secretariat has approved and issued 32 letters of approval for the approval of Ministerial Regulations. Meanwhile, those of 93 Ministerial and Institutional Regulations are still being processed.

In addition, the Secretary said that in accordance with the President’s directives regarding changes to the work system and prioritizing the use of IT technology and information, those require financing or budget allocation.

“Likewise with the new task, namely the implementation of the duties and functions of the Translator Development Center, so now in our Secretariat, there is an echelon II for the development of translators throughout Indonesia,” Pramono said.

The Secretary also submitted a proposal to increase the budget to support the implementation of the duties of the special envoy for the President, special staff for the President, and special staff for the Vice President.

“No less important is also the strengthening of human resources and IT infrastructure,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary also stated that the Cabinet Secretariat budget allocation for 2020, due to COVID-19, has decreased from Rp296,559,039,000.00 to Rp250,941,188,000.00. It is in accordance with the Letter of Minister of Finance Number S-302/MK.02/2020 dated 15 April 2020 on Measures to Adjust Ministry/Institution Expenditures for the Year 2020.

On the realization of the budget, Pramono said that it has reached at least 58.66%.

Based on the type of expenditure, the Secretary said that the realization of personnel expenditure has reached 62.86%, while goods and capital expenditures have reached 49.85% and 67.06% respectively.

Furthermore, he said that the increase in the budget ceiling of the Secretariat is in accordance with the Letters of Minister of Finance and the Bappenas (National Development Planning Agency). It has increased by Rp39,612,000,000, bringing the total to Rp339,755,142 (Rp302,303,941.00 for management support and Rp37,451,201.00 for the provision of services to the President and Vice President).

“If we compare the 2020 and 2021 budget ceiling, there is indeed a significant increase, namely 14.57% or Rp43 billion (Rp43,196,103,000.00) with the details that we have submitted on the previous page,” he said.

On that occasion, the Secretary also conveyed the proposal for an additional budget of Rp88,500,000,000.00 but in the newly approved ceiling of Rp39,612,000,000.00.

“For that, we still need an additional budget of Rp48,888,000,000.00 for the 2021 budget ceiling. The details have been discussed with members of the budget agency in Commission II,” he said. (FID/EN)



Translated by: Fairuzzamani Inayatillah
Reviewed by: Yuyu Mulyani

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