Cabinet Secretary: Cabinet Secretariat Podcast Casually Packaged for Better Delivery

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 4 Februari 2022
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In a bid to continue to innovate for optimizing public communication on Government policies and programs to the wider communities, Cabinet Secretariat Friday (02/04) released the premiere of the official “Podkabs”, a coined word for Cabinet and Cabinet Secretariat Podcast.

The premiere featured Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung as the guest star and Special Staffer to the President Putri Tanjung as the podcaster.

According to Pramono, Podkabs is a means of disseminating information to the public with a more casual and lighter tone to get the message across to the public.

“We must have a podcast that is more casual, but the message gets across, and the most important thing is to not always talk to the people too seriously,” he said to Putri.

Pramono stated that Cabinet Secretariat has consistently provided information on the Government in the forms of news articles, infographics, photos, videos, and comics through its official website and social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

“Instagram, Twitter, and many others, all social media of Cabinet Secretariat are followed by the public, especially by the media,” he said.

Pramono expressed hope that various information on Government programs and policies, as well as other hot issues discussed on Podkabs, which is streamed on Cabinet Secretariat’s YouTube and Spotify, is more easily accepted by the public, especially younger generations.

“I really hope that people can elaborate on Presidential Regulations, on the new capital of the country, on Commander of the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI), on Chief of the Indonesian National Police (Polri), and many others with a more straightforward and casual language that is easily understood by the youth,” he remarked.(MAY/FID/TGH/DND/JW/UN) (DH/MUR)

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