Cabinet Secretary Dresses in Various Traditional Costumes to Reflect Indonesia’s Diversity

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 17 Agustus 2023
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Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung and his spouse Ibu Hani Pramono Anung, Thursday (08/17). (Photo by: PR/Oji)

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung and his spouse Ibu Hani Pramono Anung attended the Commemoration Ceremony of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, held at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (08/17).

The Cabinet Secretary and Ibu Hani Pramono arrived at the Merdeka Palace at around 08.45 Western Indonesian Time and were dressed in Lampung traditional clothes.

“Today, we intentionally wear Lampung clothes for the morning [Proclamation Ceremony]. In the afternoon [Flag Lowering Ceremony], we want to wear West Sulawesi’s outfit,” said Pramono.

Pramono said that for the past eight years during the Proclamation Commemoration Ceremony, he and Ibu Hani Pramono have worn traditional clothes from various regions.

“For the past eight years, we have worn the traditional costumes of Central Java, East Java, Bali, North Sumatra, and East Nusa Tenggara. We purposely use various regional cultural outfits in this event,” he said, adding that these traditional costumes show a reflection of Indonesia’s diversity.

Pramono also expressed belief that the festivity of the commemoration of the 78th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia held after the COVID-19 pandemic will also further boost the economy, especially micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country.

“What we never think about is that due to the ceremony, MSMEs, or the souvenir [outlets] that have slow business so far, with this event, there must be a lot of people who will purchase from them, be it for the headpiece, for clothes, accessories, and so on. Thus, in terms of the economy, it will also help the economic growth in the region,” he said. (DK/UN) (FI/MMB)

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