Cabinet Secretary: Indonesia to be Advanced Nation with Pancasila

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 17 Agustus 2023
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Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung and spouse Hani Pramono Anung before the Commemoration Ceremony of Indonesia’s Independence Day at Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, Thursday (08/17). (Photo by: PR/Oji)

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung has expressed optimism that with Pancasila as the state ideology, Indonesia will be able to become an advanced nation.

“I am certain that Indonesia, with its democracy and Pancasila ideology, will continue to proceed to become an advanced nation,” he said on the 78th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Thursday (08/17).

“Seventy-eight is not a young age. Indonesia has proven to other nations that it is a tough nation, a nation that can stand tall, and a nation that is currently advancing and revered by other nations,” he said.

Cabinet Secretary also urged all elements of the nation to use the commemoration of the 78th anniversary of Indonesia as the moment to gather with pleasure.

“Let us celebrate our 78th Anniversary of Independence with joy, with pleasure as we gather. And the most important thing is that we join hands to advance and make Indonesia prosper,” he remarked. (MAY/UN) (DH/LW)

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