Cabinet Secretary Pramono Asks Ranks of Cabinet Secretariat to Work Quickly

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 21 Desember 2017
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Cabinet Secretary and State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform Minister in the Exit Meeting of SAKIP Evaluation at the 4th Floor Meeting Room, Building III of Kemensetneg, Jakarta, Thursday (21/12). (Photo: PR/Agung).

Cabinet Secretary and State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform Minister in the Exit Meeting of SAKIP Evaluation at the 4th Floor Meeting Room, Building III of Kemensetneg, Jakarta, Thursday (21/12). (Photo: PR/Agung).

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung reminded the ranks of the Cabinet Secretariat to work quickly in order to follow the very active and fast working rhythm of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

“This is perhaps the most hyperactive President compared to the Presidents we have had in this Republic, and I am the one who accompanied him in the field. He paid visits abroad the most compared to the others. So, we understand that the speed becomes very important,” Pramono said when giving a speech at the Exit Meeting of the Evaluation of Performance Accountability System of Government Institutions (SAKIP) and Bureaucratic Reform at the 4th Floor of Meeting Room, Building III of the Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta, Thursday (21/12) morning.

On the occasion attended by the Minister of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Asman Abnur, Cabinet Secretary Pramono explained that the main task is to hold meetings, such as Limited Meetings, Cabinet Meeting, and to provide input, suggestions, in writing to the President for matters relating to managerial cabinet.

Cabinet Secretary Pramono added that, in fact, what is done by the Cabinet Secretary is more unwritten, give he became the person who is asked by the President for input. All the results in the Cabinet Meeting, Cabinet Secretary Pramono went on to explain, were published on the same day. Therefore, Cabinet Secretary Pramono said that the Cabinet Secretariat’s website, instagram, twitter, and facebook became a reference used by all news agencies and other institutions as well.

“Including minutes of meetings which we always carried out at a maximum of two days after the meeting was done,” Cabinet Secretary Pramono said while adding that the Limited Meeting held in the leadership of President Jokowi may be the most frequent ever.

“Previously, in one month, there are maybe 2-4 times. Now, in one day, there are four Limited Meetings. As a result, the Deputy for Cabinet Work Support led by Pak Yuli Harsono has run out of budget due to so many events,” cabinet Secretary Pramono continued.

Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2017

Cabinet Secretary Pramono also mentioned a Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2017 on the Making, Monitoring and Controlling of Policy Implementation at the State Ministry and Government Institutions Levels, which grants authority to the Cabinet Secretary for cabinet management not only when the decision exists, but starting from the preparation, that is, the making, monitoring, controlling of policy implementation in all ministries/agencies coordinated together with the relevant coordinating ministries.

“I already told the ranks in the Cabinet Secretariat that we may not let the President not to make decisions in any Limited Meeting. So that in all Limited and Cabinet Meetings, the President will make a decision,” Cabinet Secretary Pramono said.

In the process, Cabinet Secretary Pramono went on to explain, what would be decided by the President should not be contradictory to the existing laws and regulations. They must be clear, transparent, and can be felt directly by the community, and the ministry or institution.

Cabinet Secretary Pramono also mentioned the fundamental changes in the Final Assessment Team (TPA) which involved the Minister of PANRB that determines the Echelon I officials. In the past, Cabinet Secretary Pramono explained, the Presidential Decree (Keppres) was released three to six months later. However, since he took office, the mechanism was changed into a maximum of 2 (two) days. After the TPA made the decision, the Keppres will be signed.

“So, when we change this, some time ago as soon as we get out first at the Attorney General’s Office, the media reacted that it’s a fake Presidential Decree because the TPA decision was just two days ago but now the official has been inaugurated, including the inauguration of the Director General of Taxes yesterday,” Cabinet Secretary Pramono said.

Such speed, Cabinet Secretary Pramono explained, becomes important and maybe there are obstacles in the internal Cabinet Secretariat at the early stage as well. “But, alhamdulillah, today, no obstacle at all,” Cabinet Secretary Pramono concluded.

The event was attended by Minister of PANRB Asman Abnur, Deputy Cabinet Secretary Ratih Nurdiati, Deputies, Expert Staff of the Cabinet Secretary, Special Staff of the Cabinet Secretary as well as Officials of Echelon II and III, and staff of the Cabinet Secretariat and the Ministry of PANRB. (FID/AGG/ES) (MUR/YM/Naster).

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