Cabinet Secretary Promotes Bureaucratic Reforms Implementation at Cabinet Secretariat

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 15 September 2022
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Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Administrative Affairs Farid Utomo on the 2021 Evaluation of Government Institution Performance Accountability System (SAKIP) and Bureaucratic Reforms (RB) for Cabinet Secretariat, Wednesday (09/14). (Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat/Agung)

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung has encouraged Cabinet Secretariat to set an example in performance Government Institution Performance Accountability System (SAKIP) and Bureaucratic Reforms (RB).

The Cabinet Secretary directives were quoted by the Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Administrative Affairs Farid Utomo on the 2021 Evaluation of SAKIP and RB for Cabinet Secretariat conducted by Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), Wednesday (14/09) morning.

“We should not let this presidential institution which will become an example, a role model, in the new capital city, has a bad title,” said Farid citing the Cabinet Secretary directive.

The Cabinet Secretary has a great commitment to implementing SAKIP and RB within the Cabinet Secretariat. He also ordered his staff to explain the actual conditions when evaluated by the Ministry of PANRB, said Farid.

Farid explained that Cabinet Secretariat had made various efforts to improve eight areas of bureaucratic reforms, including management of reforms, legislation structuring, organizational strengthening, human resource (HR) management systems structuring, accountability improvement, supervision improvement, and quality of public services improvement.

“We can say Cabinet Secretariat has one hundred percent implemented bureaucratic simplification,” he added.

Cabinet Secretariat has also made numerous improvements and innovations in carrying out its tasks of assisting the president and vice president in the administration of the Government. One of them is holding online Cabinet Meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, said the Deputy.

“The President made this change for the first time in a cabinet meeting. This Cabinet Secretariat proposal had a huge impact and was finally adopted nationally,” he said.

The success of Cabinet Secretariat in providing support for cabinet management will have an impact on the implementation of government programs.

“If it works, that’s one of the roles of Cabinet Secretariat, and if it doesn’t work then that’s also the influence of Cabinet Secretariat,” he explained.

In the meantime, Andi Rahadian, Assistant Deputy Ministry of PANRB for Policy Implementation Coordination and Evaluation of RB, Apparatus Accountability, and Supervision III, revealed that the results of the evaluation of the implementation of SAKIP and RB in Cabinet Secretariat showed gradual improvements.

“Last year, the Cabinet Secretariat’s Bureaucratic Reforms Index reached 83.3 with category A.  There are still rooms for improvement. As for the SAKIP evaluation results, Cabinet Secretariat obtained a 77 or BB predicate,” explained Andi.

Andi also expressed his appreciation for the Cabinet Secretariat’s accomplishments and progress. He also expressed hope that the Cabinet Secretariat will be able to not only maintain but also improve these accomplishments.

“Of course, we also hope that during the SAKIP and RB evaluation this time, we can obtain and discover new innovations made by the Cabinet Secretariat, as well as follow up on the notes and recommendations that we have submitted in the 2021 SAKIP and RB evaluation report,” Andi concluded. (FID/AIT/ST) (YC/RAS)

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