Cash Transfer Assistance for Village People to be Disbursed in April, May, June

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 18 April 2020
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: Info graphics of Cash Transfer Assistance (BLT). (Photo by: Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration)

Cash Transfer Assistance (BLT) which is sourced from the Village Funds will be disbursed to the people in April to June 2020, Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Abdul Halim Iskandar has said.

The allocation of the Village Funds for the BLT is aimed to provide cash assistance to people living in poverty line in the villages amid the COVID-19 pandemic who have not received other social assistance programs such as the Aspiring Family Program (PKH), Non-cash Food Assistance (BPNT), and Pre-employment Card.

“Each household will receive Rp600 thousands for three months: April, May, and June. They will receive Rp1.8 million in total,” the Minister said.

For the record, 31 percent of the Village Funds amounting to Rp72 trillion is allocated for the BLT. Around Rp22.4 trillion of the budget will be disbursed to 12.3 million households affected by the pandemic through village heads or apparatus.

The Minister went on to say that ideally, the BLT should be disbursed through bank transfer. If it cannot be done through bank transfer, the assistance can be given in cash.

According to the Minister, the allocation of the BLT will be divided into three categories based on the amount of Village Funds.

  1. For village that has Rp800 millions of Village Funds, the BLT to be allocated is 25 percent of the total funds;
  2. For village that has around Rp800 millions to Rp1.2 billion of Village Funds, the BLT to be allocated is 30 percent of the total funds;
  3. For village that has more than Rp1.2 billion of Village Funds, the BLT to be allocated is 35 percent of the total funds.

For that reason, he called for revisions of the village budgets by referring to the Regulation of Minister of Home Affairs Number 69 of 2018 to be focus on three priorities, namely the mitigation of COVID-19, Village Cash Labor Intensive Programs and Cash Transfer Assistances.

The Ministry, he added, is coordinating with Ministry of Finance to expedite the disbursement of the Village Funds since he have received report that the process took a quite long time at the Local Treasury Office (KPPN).

“The KPPN does not need to review the disbursement application since it was evaluated by the regional government at regencies,” he stated.

On that occasion, the Minister also called on the Village-owned Enterprises (BUMDes) to supply basic necessities so that the people can buy their needs in their village. Thus, money from the BLT will only be circulated within the village. (Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration PR/EN)



Translated by : Rany Anjany S
Reviewed by: Yuyu Mulyani

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