Civil Service Enrollment Selection Begins in September

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 7 September 2018
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CPNS-Setkab-3The Civil Servant Agency (BKN) has announced that the next batch of civil servant selection process (CPNS) will begin on September 19th this year.

The agency added that there are 238,015 positions available, consisting of 51,271 positions at Central Government level (in 76 ministries/agencies) and 186,744 positions (in 525 regional governments).

“This year’s civil servant selection process, including the registration process, will be integrated through a national portal and there is no registration through websites of ministries or institutions,” said BKN Head Bima Haria Wibisana in a press conference Thursday (9/6).

According to him, the selection process will involve Computer Assisted Test (CAT), not only for basic knowledge competence test but also field of area competence test.

The CAT test is planned to be held in 176 selected locations, from BKN headquarter, 14 BKN regional offices, and 14 BKN Managing Technical Unit (UPT) spread across Indonesia, independent facilities and regional agencies.

Bima added, a special team from the BKN and administrator from each agencies are still inputting the whole available positions, meaning that the website will be available after all the ministries/agencies/regional governments (K/L/D) have finished inputting available positions and applicant requirements.

“This process will continue until September 18th 2018,” Bima added

Bima added that the BKN will also anticipate the possibility of applicants that can reach 5 to 6 million people in total. According to him, based on the 2017 CPNS selection review, there were many applicants who faced difficulty updating their Identity card numbers (NIK). Therefore, the BKN hopes that the system from Population and Civil Registry is ready.

Regarding the registration administrative requirements, Bima urged all ministries, institutions and regional governments that will recruit new civil servants this year to set reasonable requirements and not to give complicated requirements for the applicants.

“Requirements like accreditation and cumulative index scores (IPK) should be adapted with the achievement index in each region,” Bima concluded. (PR BKN/ES) (HYP/EP/Naster)

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