Communication Ministry Holds Start-up Digital Event for Papuan Youth

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 29 Oktober 2021
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Papua TechFest 2021 held on Thursday (28/10), at Suni Lake Garden Hotel, Sentani regency, Jayapura, Papua province. (Photo: Office of Presidential Special Staff Billy Mambrasar)

Ministry of Communication and Informatics collaborated with the Inspirational Young Papuan community (PMI) held the 2021 Papua TechFest to commemorate the 93rd Youth Pledge Day which took place both online and offline, Thursday (28/10).

The offline event was held at the Suni Lake Garden Hotel, Sentani regency, Jayapura city, Papua province.

The event aimed to create young Indonesian digital talents from the eastern part of Indonesia, especially Papua province, who can encourage innovation and development of Indonesian technology in the future. The Ministry trained hundreds of Papuan youth to become digital start-up entrepreneurs.

“I welcome the initiative of the Papua digital talent event held by Ministry of Communication and Informatics and the PMI. The event is expected to create the national talent ecosystem,” said Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko in his virtual speech.

In line with Moeldoko, the Presidential Special Staff Billy Mambrasar also welcomed the organization of this event.

“This is the first start-up and digital event which trains nearly 500 Papuan youth. There was no institution that has brought this many young Papuan in start-up training,” Billy said in his remarks.

On that occasion, Billy also expressed appreciation from President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

“The President welcomes and appreciates the support of Ministry of Communication and Informatics, 1000 Digital Start Ups, and the PMI in creating national talents in the digital field,” said Billy.

The PMI coordinator for the Mamta region Moses Rawar expressed hope that the 2021 Papua TechFest event will have a positive and sustainable impact on young people especially the Papuans.

“We thank Ministry of Communication and Informatics for holding this event and for supporting the development of talents for Papuan children. From this collaborative activity, we hope that young talents will emerge by creating new start-ups from the Land of Papua that are equipped with digital capabilities, so that by 2025 Papua will be able to create around 1,000 start-up founders, “said Moses.

At Papua TechFest 2021 with the theme “Supporting the Management and Ecosystem of the Nation’s Digital Talents”, apart from training on digital literacy modules, digital economy, and digital start-ups, the Papua Talent Management (MTP) website was also launched.

The MTP itself is a manifestation of the National Talent Management (MTN), a national program that has been launched by President Jokowi to prepare and train a national talent ecosystem in various fields.

This MTP website was created by Honai Technology, a start-up company from Papua. The founder of the start-up Honai Technology, Richard Mahuze, is a Papuan youth from Merauke regency who also received training from Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

For the record, Ministry of Communication and Informatics has been actively cultivating Indonesia’s digital talents and has traveled to various regions in the country to provide training as well as capital through a number of movements, such as 1000 Digital Start Ups, Beta, and so on.

All of those movements have now been merged into the Movement. The Papua TechFest 2021 event is the first event carried out in collaboration with the PMI community. (Office of Presidential Special Staff Billy Mambrasar/UN) (EST/MMB)

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