Coronavirus Cases Update: Two Patients in Good Condition

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 3 Maret 2020
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Secretary of Directorate General for Disease Prevention and Control of Ministry of Health Achmad Yurianto answers reporters’ questions at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (3/3). (Photo by: PR/Jay).

Secretary of Directorate General for Disease Prevention and Control of Ministry of Health Achmad Yurianto has said that two Indonesian citizens who contracted COVID-19 are in good condition.

“They do not use oxygen tubing and IV infusion since there is no emergency. Their last symptom was cough without fever,” Achmad said at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (3/3).

According to him, the Ministry has been tracking the patients’ two family members who are living in the same house but the results were negative. In addition, the Ministry continues to track 50 participants of a dance event attended by one of them.

Achmad pointed out that the Government had examined 155 specimens with two positive results. “The specimens collected from 44 hospitals in 23 provinces,” he added.

On the occasion, he stated that the specimens of 188 Indonesian crew members of the World Dream Cruise had been tested and the results were negative.

“Based on data that we collected since their first day in Dr. Soeharso naval hospital ship, all patients were in good health. We also conduct examination every 12 hours,” Achmad said, adding that overall there are no patients who experiencing coronavirus symptoms such as fever, cough, or breathing difficulties.

The Ministry has also conducted monitoring and specimen collection on 69 Indonesian crew members of Diamond Princess Cruise and the results are slated to be released today.

Achmad further explained that COVID-19 cases in China show a decline, even, on the latest update there were only 120 new cases. “This is the smallest number since January. However, the cases rise outside China,” he said.

The number of coronavirus cases outside China rose by almost 81 percent and sharp rise occurred in four countries, namely South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Italy. Even some cases were found without symptoms at all.

According to him, the pattern is almost similar to the SARS outbreak in 2002 which in 2.5 years later the virus slowly disappeared and became seasonal flu. (MAY/FID/EN)



Translated by: Galuh Wicaksono
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana

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