COVID-19 Task Force: Indonesia’s Active Cases Lower Than Global Average

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 9 September 2020
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Spokesperson of COVID-19 Task Force Wiku Adisasmito

Indonesia’s COVID-19 active cases still below the global average with 48,847 cases (24.4%), while the global average is at 25.47%, according to Spokesperson of COVID-19 Task Force Wiku Adisasmito.

As of 6 September 2020, there were 310 out of 514 district/cities that have cases below 50 or 60.31%.

“The number should be pushed even lower,” Wiku said at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/9).

According to Wiku, there are 74 districts/cities that have no active cases at all. However, he added, there are 11 districts/cities that have more than 1,000 active cases, namely Bekasi City (1,025 cases), North Jakarta (1,043 cases), Depok (1,043 cases), Surabaya (1,116 cases), South Jakarta (1,149 cases), Central Jakarta (1,312 cases), Makassar (1,363 cases), West Jakarta (1,372 cases), East Jakarta (1,429 cases), Medan (1,454 cases) and Semarang City (2,591 cases).

Wiku pointed out that there is a change in risk zoning map. The number of high-risk area (red zones) rises to 70 from previously 65, moderate risk area (orange zones) rises to 267 from previously 230, while low risk area (yellow zones) have dropped to 114 from previously 151.

The number of green zones (area with no new cases) has fallen from 42 to 38, whereas the number of unaffected areas has fallen from 26 to 25.

In the meantime, recovery rate of the country stands at 71.5% while the global average is at 71.26%. As for the death rate, Wiku continued, the number of deaths reaches 8,230 cases or 4.1%, while the global average is at 3.26%.

As of 8 September 2020, there were 3,046 new cases across the country. “Our common target is to ensure that the number of recovery rate is getting higher and the number of active cases and death rate continues to decline.

In the past week, he added, there was an increase in new cases from 18,625 to 22,097 (18.6%) and an increase in the death rate from 663 to 683 (3%).

“The highest increase of new cases was in Bali at 100%, South Sulawesi at 84.4%, Riau at 68.5%, Jakarta at 31%, and Central Java at 19.6%,” Wiku said, adding that 5 provinces with the highest death rate are East Java (7.14%), Central Java (7.06%), Bengkulu (6.65%), South Sumatra (5.95%) and West Nusa Tenggara (5.9 %).

Meanwhile, the weekly recovery rate per province tends to fluctuate, but nationally the recovery rate has decreased by 13.64% from 16,691 cases to 14,414 cases.

There are 5 provinces with the highest recovery rate, namely Jakarta (33,519 cases), East Java (28,033 cases), Central Java (10,018 cases), South Sulawesi (9,663 cases), and South Kalimantan (6,802 cases).

Provinces with the highest percentage of recovery rate are Bangka Belitung Islands (95.06%), Central Sulawesi (88.89%), West Kalimantan (87.22%), Gorontalo (85.96%), and North Maluku (83.68%). “Other provinces in Indonesia must set target to achieve this high rate,” Wiku added.

In addition, three provinces with the highest COVID-19 cases had taken number of measures. Jakarta had established independent isolation facilities in two towers of Wisma Atlet and the Jakarta Regional Secretary had issued Circular No.02/SE/2020 on working mechanism for civil servants.

Furthermore, West Java had carried out more than 50 thousand PCR testing per week, issued directives on health protocols to industrial area managements and inaugurated Pesantren (Islamic boarding school) Smart Digital Village.

The Governor of East Java had conveyed directives to prospective candidates of regional head, the East Java General Election Commission (KPU) and East Java Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) ahead of the simultaneous regional elections. The Governor had also collaborated with the COVID-19 survivors to disseminate the health protocols. (Communication Team of the COVID-19 Working Committee / EN)



Translated by: Syarifah Aisyah
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana

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