COVID-19 Task Force Issues New Regulation on Domestic Travels During Pandemic

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 8 Maret 2022
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COVID-19 Handling Task Force has issued Circular Number 11 of 2022 on Provisions for Domestic Travels During Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic.

The circular has been in force since it was signed by Head of the COVID-19 Handling Task Force on March 8, 2022.

“This circular is effective from March 8, 2022 to a certain time and will be further evaluated based on the latest developments on the ground or the evaluation results of ministries/Government institutions,” Suharyanto says in the circular.

One of the legal bases of this regulation is the limited meeting decision on March 7, 2022. As this circular takes effect, the Circular of COVID-19 Handling Task Force Number 22 of 2021 on Provisions for Domestic Travels During Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic is revoked and nulled.

“The scope of this circular is health protocols for domestic travelers who use all transportation modes across all regions of Indonesia,” the Circular states.

The following are health protocol provisions for domestic travelers stipulated in the circular:

  1. Every traveler must observe and comply with health protocols, namely: wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance and avoiding crowds, and washing hands with soap or hand sanitizer.
  2. Stricter health protocols for domestic travelers must be enforced by:
    1. Using a 3-ply cloth mask or medical mask that covers the nose, the mouth, and the chin;
    2. Changing masks periodically every four hours and disposing of mask waste in the provided place;
    3. Washing hands periodically using water and soap or hand sanitizer, especially after touching objects that have been touched by others;
    4. Maintaining a distance of minimum 1.5 meters from others and avoiding crowds;
    5. Prohibiting one-way or two-way communication by telephone or directly during travel on land, rail, sea, river, lake, ferry, and air transportation modes;
    6. Prohibiting eating and drinking during flight for a trip of less than 2 hours, with the exception of individuals who are required to take medication in the context of treatment that affects the safety and health of the individuals.
  3. Domestic travelers must comply with the following provisions:
    1. Every individual who travels with a private or public vehicle is responsible for his/her own health and is subject to the applicable terms and conditions;
    2. Every domestic traveler is obligated to use PeduliLindungi application as a requirement to travel within the country;
    3. Travelers using private or public air, sea, and land transportation modes, ferry, and trains from and to regions across Indonesia are subject to the following provisions:
      1. Domestic travelers who have received the second vaccination dose or the third vaccination dose (booster) are not obligated to show a negative result of RT-PCR or rapid antigen test;
      2. Domestic travelers who have received the first vaccination dose must show a negative result of RT-PCR test taken within 3 x 24 hours or rapid antigen test taken within 1 x 24 hours before departure as a travel requirement;
      3. Domestic travelers with special medical conditions or comorbidities that prevent them to be vaccinated must show a negative result of RT-PCR test taken within a maximum period of 3 x 24 hours or rapid antigen test taken within a maximum period of 1 x 24 hours before departure as a travel requirement and are required to show a medical certificate from a government hospital stating that the travelers have not been and/or cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19; or
      4. Domestic travelers under the age of six can travel with a travel chaperone and strict observance of health protocols.
    4. Routine travels using land transportation with private or public vehicles and trains in one region/urban agglomeration region are exempt from the travel requirements as referred to in letter c.
  4. The provisions referred to in number 3 do not apply to pioneer transportation modes, including in border areas, frontier, outermost, and least developed areas, and to limited sailings according to the situation in respective areas.
  5. Every transportation mode operator is obligated to use PeduliLindungi application to check travel requirements for every domestic traveler.
  6. Ministries/Government institutions, provincial/regency/city governments that will impose special criteria and requirements related to travelers in their regions can follow up by issuing legal instruments that are compatible with and not contradictory to this circular.
  7. The circular that regulates the special criteria and requirements as referred to in number 6 is an integral part of this circular.

The circular also states the provisions for monitoring, control, and evaluation as follows:

  1. Regional COVID-19 Handling Task Forces assisted by public transportation operators control the transportation of people and public transportation that are safe from COVID-10 by establishing Integrated Security Posts;
  2. Public transportation authority, management, and operators carry out supervision while public transportation is operated;
  3. Authorized institutions (ministries/Government institutions, the Indonesian National Defense Forces, the Indonesian National Police, and regional governments) enforce COVID-19 health protocols and law in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations;
  4. Public transportation operators and/or inspectors of negative results of RT-PCR test or rapid antigen test as a travel requirement must verify the validity of the certificate based on the name of COVID-19 laboratory network and health care facilities registered at Ministry of Health to prevent forgery of test result certificate; and
  5. Forgery of RT-PCR or rapid antigen test result certificate, medical certificate, and other travel certificates used as travel requirement will be sanctioned based on the prevailing laws and regulations. (COVID-19 Handling Task Force/UN) (DH/MMB)
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