Decisions of Cabinet Meeting Should be Disseminated Immediately, Seskab Says

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 8 November 2016
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2016_11_08 MiaAs the highest coordination forum that directly led by the President, Cabinet Meeting generates a number of important decisions that must be announced to the public. The policies resulted in the meeting applies nationally and widely affect the people.

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung underlined the importance of disseminating the results of the meeting when he was explaining the functions of Cabinet Secretariat recently. Besides expected by the people, media, social media, and the public, the results of Cabinet Meeting are also expected by government bureaucrats.

“The results of Cabinet Meeting that are announced by the related Minister as well as Cabinet Secretary are always expected. It is a news and also an agenda that must be executed by the Government,” Pramono Anung asserted.

“All results must be extended to the public and documented in a Presidential Decision or a Presidential Regulation. This is the responsibility of Cabinet Secretariat. As regulated in Presidential Regulation Number 25 of 2015, Cabinet Secretariat has a task to give cabinet management support to the President and Vice President in government administration. One of its functions is to prepare, administer, organize, as well as manage a cabinet meeting, or any meeting led/attended by President and/or Vice President.

“Almost all Cabinet managerials are in Cabinet Secretariat. Therefore, Cabinet Secretariat has a responsibility to ensure that the Government, Cabinet Meetings, and the implementation of the meeting can run well,” Cabinet Secretary said.

Cabinet Meeting held by the President can be in form of Plenary Cabinet Meeting that is attended by Ministers and other appointedgovernment officials. This meeting discusses general as well as important issues encountered by the country, and also government administration. There is also Limited Cabinet Meeting that is attended by Ministers or officials that arerelated with the topic of discussion. The meeting, that held occasionally, discussed certain actual issues. Besides through a Cabinet Meeting, the President can also organize a coordination meeting with certain units.

Previously, in a Plenary Cabinet Meeting, on Wednesday, 19 August 2015, President Joko Widodo firmly said that the ministers are expected to attend every cabinet meeting, either plenary or limited, so all of them have the same perception.

As regulated in Cabinet Secretary Regulation Number 4 of 2015, Cabinet Secretariat, under Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Cabinet Work Support, shall provide assisstance in supporting Cabinet management to prepare, administer, organize, and manage cabinet meeting. The functions include, among others, administrative affairs and preparation of cabinet meeting materials, proceedings preparation and documentation, distribution and publication of the results of cabinet meeting, and documentation of all matters related to the organization of cabinet meeting. (Humas Setkab dan Tim Komunikasi Pemerintah Kemkominfo)(MMB/YM/Naster)

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