Deregulation of Land Permits: Blockage of Location Just Need Three Hours, HGU 14 Days

By Humas     Date 12 Oktober 2015
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Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of National Land Agency (BPN) Ferry M. Baldan delivered press releases related to the deregulation of land permits, at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/10) evening.

To support the Third Package of Economic Policy announced by the Government, on Wednesday (7/10) afternoon, the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (BPN) will significantly cut the land permission procedure, so that the procedures wil take only 30 days at the maximum.

Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of BPN Ferry Mursyidan Baldan explained that the deregulation basically is a revision of Ministerial Regulation Number 2 Year 2015 that was issued in January as an instrument for supporting the establishment of One Stop Services (OSS) on 26 January.

He mentioned that the deregulation in Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning involves three things: the first is request, second is requirement, and third is extension.

According to Ferry, to apply for land title, now the applicant does not need to complete the requirements by bringing a bundle of requirements. But you only need to come to PTSP, then in 3 hours you would be able to get information on the land.

“We issue less than 3 hours, to notify that the applicant will request on land that has been designated. And we will block it,” said Ferry to the press when announcing the Third Economic Policy Package at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/10) evening.

Previously, said Ferry, it takes 70 days to complete the application. Now it’s only 3 hours.

“So investors come directly to PTSP, we give information, we process it, he gave it to his legal counsel,” he Ferry explained.

After land has been designated, if the applicants need HGU (Right of Exploitation), they would be given 14 days to complete the application. “If in 14 days the application is not complete, we will return it. Then we will unblock the requested land, so it will be open to others, “said Ferry.

Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning affirms that technical considerations of land previously needed 3 to 5 days, now it can be given in only 3 hours.

Then on measurement of land, according to Ferry, previously it took 30 days. Now, land up to 200 hectares, only needs 15 days, more than 200 hectares, it needs 20 days. “We apply BKO system from available surveyors throughout the land office in Indonesia.”

Then the renewal procedure, according to Ferry, now no longer needs the same requirements as a new application. It only requires evaluation and inspection of land, or it is called a land audit. “We check the documents if there is a change, and so it takes 7 days for an area of 200 hectares and 14 days for more than 200 hectares. Previously, it took 70 days,” said Ferry.

Last, for the procedure of getting HGU, the Minister explained that previously it took 50 days, now it only takes 30 days. The Renewal process is also very short. Previously it took 50 days, now only 5 days (200 ha) and 7 days (over 200 ha).

Evaluation Only

Minister Ferry Mursyidan Baldan also said that the renewal procedure is different from new application procedure. It only need evaluation.

“Evaluation reflects the supervision and control, so that we would know the condition. It doesn’t take much time. Someone can apply for a renewal two year before the termination date, then in 1-3 days the renewal can be issued,” said Ferry. He also mentioned that the decisions for renewal have 3 categories, namely, renewable permit, renewable but the land is reduced, or unrenewable. (DND/DNS/ES) (MA/YM/Naster).

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