Dialogue between President of the Republic of Indonesia and Vaccination Participants and Organizers (via video conference) after Inspection of COVID-19 Vaccination for Students, General Public, and the Elderly, at the Special Raider Battalion 762/VYS Building, 4 October 2021, East Sorong District, Sorong City, West Papua Province

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 4 Oktober 2021
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President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo)

May prosperity be upon us all,


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

This morning, I inspected the implementation of mass vaccination in West Papua province and the one I inspected now is located in Sorong city targeting the general public and students.

This is a process of accelerating vaccination in West Papua province and I really appreciate it. I really appreciate huge enthusiasm of the people to participate in this mass vaccination drive to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially the Delta variant in West Papua province and in Indonesia.

The program is carried out not only in Sorong city, but also in Teluk Bintuni, Fakfak, Manokwari, Raja Ampat, South Sorong, Wondama, and Kaimana. I’d like to talk to the representative from Wondama, please. How many persons are vaccinated today?

Representative of Wondama Regency

We are in Wondama Bay right now. The vaccination held at our pride park is targeting 200 people, Mr. President.

President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo)

200 people, okay.

Representatives of Wondama Regency

The target is 200 people, it currently reached 90 people, because at this time we are also commemorating the Papua Flash Flood that occurred on 4 October 2010, so the people are still in the church. However, we will wait for them so that the target can be achieved, Mr. President.

President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo)

Well, thank you, doctor. Moving on to Fakfak, please join us.

Representatives of Fakfak Regency

Honorable Mr. President, we are from Fakfak regency report that today we target 200 people on this mass vaccinations, while those 70 people behind us have registered and been screened. We also carried out it at three vaccination sites, namely the Fakfak KONI Building where I am now, the Immanuel Church, at the Immanuel Church Hall in Central Fakfak, and Pariwari district, at the Pariwari District Office Hall. That’s all, Sir.

President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo)

Is the vaccines supply sufficient? Any problem?

Representatives of Fakfak Regency

We have sufficient stock of vaccines, Sir. Currently, we have 5,440 doses left, consisting of Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines. I mean Sinopharm vaccine, Sir.

President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo)

Alright, good. Finish the vaccines immediately, no vaccines left. Vaccinate the public. The sooner the better. Thank you.

Representatives of Fakfak Regency

Will do, Sir.

President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo)

Manokwari, please join us Manokwari. Go ahead, Manokwari.

Representatives of Manokwari


Good morning, Honorable Mr. President whom we are proud of.

For Manokwari, our target today is 600 people, Mr. President, with the first three sites at the GKI Eben Haezer Fanindi Church, Manokwari, then the second site at the West Papua Bhayangkara Police Hospital, and the third site is carried out in the Prafi area, Manokwari, Sir.

At the Eben Haezer Church, Sir, we have 189 people behind us and 109 people who have been vaccinated. And here, there are representatives from college students in front of us, junior and senior high school students, and also representatives from Papuan mothers, Mr. President.

President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo)

Okay, good, very good, excellent. Invite more students, college students, and also the public, especially for college students and students, so that face-to-face learning can be carried out as soon as possible. I thank you.

Representatives of Manokwari

Will do, Mr. President. We thank you, God bless you.

President of the Republic of Indonesia (Joko Widodo)

Well, that’s probably all I can say this morning. Once again, I would like to thank the regional government, religious figures, traditional figures, public figures who have invited the public, students, and college students to participate in mass vaccination.

I thank you.

I conclude.

Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

May God bless us all.

I thank you. (RIF/LW)

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