Dialogue with President Jokowi, Fishermen Support the Foreign Ships that Stole Fish Bombed

By Humas     Date 1 Juli 2015
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President Jokowi dialogue with fishermen in Teluk Penyu, Cilacap, Central Java, on Tuesday (30/6)

When inaugurated the fully operational of Social Security Body (BPJS) Employment, which  held in the Tourism Area of Teluk Penyu, Cilacap, Central Java (30/6), President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) summoned a number of fishermen who were around the area and invites their dialogue.

President Jokowi pleased to inquire about whether there is an accident that causes death when at sea, a fisherman who answered depending on the weather.

“If the weather is friendly that’s ok, Alhamdulillah, safe. But if the weather is  unseasonably strong winds, if the fisherman does not have a calculation sometimes an accident,” Jumadi said, a fisherman in Teluk Penyu Tourism Region answered the President’s question.

President: If the boat upside down, then there are fishermen died, How about their wives and children?

Jumadi: bereaved families earn their own living.

In response, President Jokowi said that the importance of guarantees for fishermen, so if there an accident in the sea, their wives and children have assurance.

President mentioned, for the time being to bail it addressed by BPJS, but later on, the fishermen should pay for themselves, each Rp. 6,800 per month.

“Of course we all do not want to harm, but actually we do not know, because this work in the sea is not easy, challenging waves, depending on the weather. Choose to pay Rp 6,800 per month or choose not to join with the BPJS Employment, you choose which one? “Asked Jokowi, and then immediately answered by a fisherman named Waslam to say, choose to pay Rp 6,800 as it could to protect our families all.

Dialogue with the fishermen did not end up there, because suddenly the President Jokowi conveys, that a few months ago many foreign ships sunk by the Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti for stealing fish in Indonesian waters. Recently the number of foreign ships sunk as many as 41. “Are you agree or not?” Jokowi Asked.

Then the fishermen answered with compact agreed. “I agree. That is good. The ships were bombed I agree, so small boats can get more fishes,” Waluyo said, the fisherman who always catch fish around the area of Teluk Penyu, Cilacap, Central Java.

Furthermore, President Jokowi and his entourage left Teluk Penyu to proceed reviewing Manis Market, in Kedung Wuluh village, West Purwokerto District, Banyumas.. (UN/HH/RAH/ES)

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