Education Ministry Provides Information Page on Internet Data Assistance

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 22 September 2020
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Free Internet Assistance Infographic. (Source: Ministry of Education and Culture)

Ministry of Education and Culture has prepared a list of learning pages and applications that can be accessed using learning quotas to facilitate information for teachers, students, (university) students, and lecturers on the 2020 internet data assistance.

It can be accessed through the page.

Head of the Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry Evy Mulyani stated that the list of learning pages and applications that can be accessed using the learning quota is also intended to anticipate concerns of misuse.

Evy added that the page contains lists of learning and video conference applications that are generally used a lot in distance learning so it is believed that the learning quota can meet the needs of the learning. The list contains 19 learning applications, 5 video conference applications, 22 websites, and 401 university websites.

“The page explains that the quota for internet assistance from Ministry of Education and Culture is divided into two, namely general quota and learning quota. The learning quota can only be used to access learning sites and applications that the Ministry has prepared to support distance learning,” Evy stated in Jakarta, Tuesday (22/9).

The internet data assistance program is the Government’s effort to realize the aspirations of the community regarding the challenges of distance learning during the pandemic, to facilitate online learning of all teachers, students, lecturers, and students, especially during the pandemic. The Government, Evy added, is committed to ensuring that not only some but all teachers, students, lecturers, and (university) students can be assisted.

“For teachers, students, lecturers, and (university) students who have not registered their cellphone numbers, please register,” Evy said.

The Ministry ensures that the Dapodik (the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Education Basic Data) and the PDDikti (Higher Education Database) applications as data sources for internet data assistance are still open for registration. Meanwhile, the mechanism for distributing internet data assistance will follow the established technical guidelines.

“Cellphone number data is registered by the education unit and validation verification is carried out based on the universities and schools. Regarding the accuracy of each number, it is the responsibility of the institution,” Evy stated.

In the Regulation of the Secretary-General of the Ministry on Technical Guidelines for Internet Data Assistance in 2020, it is stated that the Education Unit Leader issues an Absolute Responsibility Statement (SPTJM), which states that they are responsible for the correctness of the cellphone number data inputted to the basic education and higher education database systems. (Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau of Ministry of Education and Culture/EN)



Translated by: Fairuzzamani Inayatillah
Reviewed by: Yuyu Mulyani

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