Entering Global Competition, Government to Standardize Domestic Products

By Humas     Date 23 Februari 2016
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Press release on the results of Limited Meeting about Local Industrial Content (TKDN), on Tuesday (23/2) afternoon

Infrastructure developments in various regions currently encouraged by the Government, have an impact on the needs for domestic products. However, the Cabinet Secretary (Seskab) Pramono Anung admitted that the use of import products is still too dominant in several Ministries/Institutions (K/L) and also in State-owned Enterprises (BUMN).

In the Limited Meeting about Local Industrial Content (TKDN) at Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/2), Seskab said that the Government did not want to discourage the spirit of global competitiveness. Therefore, the Government would encourage the use of domestic products, or to use local products in the development currently promoted.

Seskab added that the domestic products need to be standardized.

“We saw several Ministries or Institutions (K/L) only have products or standardizations from overseas. Right now we would make rules to allow standardizations for domestic products,” Pramono asserted as he reminded there should be any regulations, rules, and policies governing those issues.

Seskab also reminded that we should not use imported products only to “camouflage” something becoming the interest of certain parties in the procurement of goods/services issues.

“This includes standardization for electricity. By Presidential Decision on the Acceleration of Electric Power Development, a 35,000-MW electricity project has been completed and it included the procurement of TKDN,” Seskab ended his explanation. (DND/FID/UN/ES) (NA/MT/LW)

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